What Laser Marker Engraver Should We Choose If Mark Engrave 200 x 200mm Area?

As we know, the normal configuration of a fiber marker engraver is 20W power with 110 x 110 mm lens. Usually, the marking engraving within 110 x 110 mm area is enough for most kinds of laser marking engraving application needs.                      Laser Marker Engraver 110 x 110mm But a few customers need to engraving marking some bigger patterns or logos sizes than 175 x 175 mm or 200 x 200 mm, even [...]

What are the Differences of Raycus, Super, Ipg and Max Fiber Laser Source?

A fiber laser engraving machine system must need to equipped with a fiber laser source. There are various kinds of brands, for example, Raycus fiber laser source, Super fiber laser source, IPG fiber laser source, Max fiber laser source. Let’s compare their function and character differences. Raycus fiber laser source The Raycus fiber laser source is famous for its stability and high performance. Its performance is excellent, but its cost is also not cheap. So If you want to buy a true [...]

What is the Source for the CO2 Laser? is it Air Cooled?

The Laser source of Co2 laser has two kinds of types, one is Metal Co2 laser tube source, another is Glass Co2 laser source. The metal laser source is sealed by the metal case, it is composed of high precision and high tech structure workmanship. So it has a high precision and high-performance laser processing, including laser engraving/marking/etching/carving, laser cutting etc. the Metal Co2 laser source also can be called RF(Radiation Frequency) Co2 laser source. The Metal Co2 laser source’s [...]

Professional Laser Engraving Machine and DIY Laser Engraving Machines

Professional Laser Engraving Machine and DIY Laser Engraving Machine’s Differences

As we know, there are various kinds of Laser engraving machines. Some are cheap only 100~500 USD, some look expensive more than 3,000 USD, even some more than 10,000 USD. Then what makes the differences? DIY mini Laser Engraving Machine The Answer is liking the subject mentioned, some are DIY Laser engraving machine with small sizes and small power from 0.3W or 5W, or even 15W at most. ( for example, 300mW, 500mW, 1000nW, 1500mW, 2500mW 5000mW, etc ). These small [...]

Can a Laser Machine Engrave or Cut on Foam or Silicone Rubber?

Regarding the subject, we must know about the material foam and silicone rubber. The foam consists mainly of polyurethane as well as additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. Brief, it consists mainly of polyurethane. The Silicone Rubber, of course, consists of silicone. So the question is, Can a laser machine engrave or cut on foam or silicone rubber? First, Let’s talk about foam, according to our memory, the foam is very light and not hard. So to laser engrave on foam [...]

How to laser engrave mark on thin metal?

To engrave, mark on thin metal is a technical work. But if we use some good tools, the work would become very easy. There are several ways, CNC processing engraving, hand engraving, and laser engraving. Here I would like to introduce and recommend the laser engraving method worked by a fiber laser engraving marking machine. Whether it is a piece of thin stainless steel, thin aluminum, thin iron, thin copper or thin silver, it can be engraved by a fiber laser marking engraving [...]

Is laser engraving marking lens different from laser cutting lens?

As we all know, a laser machine at least is composed of laser source tube and some reflecting lens/mirror. Whether it is a laser marking engraving machine or it is a laser cutting machine. The lens is used for reflecting and focusing the laser light. Then is the lens of a laser marking engraving machine and a laser cutting machine the same? Of course, they are not. To speak of the laser lens, first, we need to know the laser lights. A [...]

Laser Inner Engraving on Crystal Glass

Laser Marking Engraving on Glass and Crystal

Laser application is a very wide in modern days, for example, laser marking engraving on metal and plastic by fiber laser machine, laser marking engraving on wood and leather by a co2 laser machine. Generally, a fiber laser is suitable for all kinds metal materials(iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, ), and some of the plastic materials; Co2 laser is suitable for most non-metal materials. But for one of the special materials, glass, fiber laser or Co2 laser neither could function on it. [...]

Operation Procedure and Precautions of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Operation Procedure to Start Fiber Laser Marking Machine: Check the power cord of the laser marking machine, to make the connection correctly and reliably. Make sure the Emergency Button is pressed. Turn on the Power Switch. Turn on the Computer and start the software in sequence. Turn on the Emergency Button in a clockwise direction. Turn on the Galvo and Laser button in sequence. Remove the lens cover. Above all, the machine is under working condition. Operation Procedure to Shut Down Fiber Laser Marking Machine Turn off the Galvo [...]