How to solve the panel cannot read the U disk?

The panel of the laser cutting machine is like a computer, controlling the operation of the machine.  When we connected the USB flash drive to the panel, we found that there was no response and the contents of the USB flash drive could not be read. First, we need to check whether the connection port is loose and whether there is dust in the U disk interface. If there is no problem in the above aspects, we can start with [...]

How to solve the problem of laser cutting failure?

The laser cutting machine can produce exquisite objects through its own energy. But long-term use of the cutting machine will cause failures. Through the video, we can see that the cutting machine failed to cut the material during the operation.Next, we solve the problem in turn.   1、Adjust software parameters 1. Adjust the control panel 2. Adjust RDWorks cutting software We can adjust the parameters of the machine through the control panel and RDWorks cutting software . 2、Check lens At the same time, Stain on the reflective [...]

How to replace the laser tube and power supply

In the process of using laser cutting machine, it will encounter many problems. As the main parts of the machine, the laser tube and power supply require frequent maintenance and cleaning. Next, we will explain the replacement of the laser tube and power supply.   Watch the video   Before replacing the laser tube and power supply, you need to cut off the power of the machine.In order to avoid the phenomenon of high-voltage ignition, remember to install an insulating sleeve on the [...]

【MACTRON CLASSROOM】How To Correct Parameters Of Cutting Machine?

In the process of cutting, workpiece surface is heated to vaporization temperature quickly by focused laser beams, forming High pressure steam and spraying outward at supersonic speeds. When high-pressure vapors spray outward, the melted materials are blown away in the kerf till the workpiece is finally cut. The laser cutting machine equipped with CCD vision positioning system is not only suitable for various materials and objects, but also can realize automatic positioning and precise cutting operation.   The parameters is a [...]

Effect comparison of different filling methods

In the process of laser marking, we fill the specified graphics or text to make the laser mark the best effect on a specific material. Next, we will compare and present from multiple angles such as type, line spacing, number of times, and margin.     Mactron’s laser equipment is widely used in many industries and materials. The diversity of materials makes the filling method especially important. In order to achieve better results, we need to go through multiple tests and comparisons [...]

How to solve “abnormal sound of the galvo head and the red light beats frequently”

As a modern precision machine, laser equipment is characterized by high precision, high technology and automation. However, improper daily operation will also cause damage to the machine and cause various problems. When we encounter the situation that “abnormal sound of the galvo head and the red light beats frequently”, it is necessary to check in five steps in turn, to find the cause and solve it in time.     After completing the above five aspects of inspection, we can basically determine the [...]

How to replace the galvo head and F-theta lens?

The galvo head and F-theta lens are one of the most important components of the laser marking machine. They are often applied to laser operations at 1064 nm (YAG), 10640nm (CO2), 532 nm (green), and 355 nm (UV). When there is a problem with the optics on the laser, we need to replace the new fittings in time and adjust the parameters. Below, we will show you the “correct steps to replace the Galvo Head and F-theta lens.” If you are [...]

How to adjust the focal length correctly?

The application industry of laser equipment is very extensive, and each product has a specific focal length, and the correct focal length can achieve the desired effect. In this issue, we will teach you three ways to adjust the correct focal length, remember it!  If you are still in doubt during the use of the machine, you can leave a message or call +86-769-26384404, we will be happy to help you! Scan the QR code below to learn more!

How to optimize vector files?

Dedicated marking software can handle simple graphics, but we occasionally encounter problems during the operation, for example, we cannot open vector files, and the graphics files in the vector file are incorrect. This is caused by the incompatibility of vector files with software. At this point, we need to optimize the file on Coreldraw software. Now, we will demonstrate “How to optimize vector files”, please be patient!     If you are still in doubt during the use of the machine, you [...]

Laser Engraving Marking Machines with Different Precision Ruler Configuration

What Kind of Precision Ruler of a Fiber Laser Engraving Marking Machine Should We Choose?

About the precision ruler of a fiber laser marking engraving machine, it is used to measure the precise focusing of the laser working on the surface of the material need to be processed. It is a very simple and unimpressive. Actually, it is really not as important as some core components like optical galvo scanner & lens and fiber laser source. But in some especially situation and circumstance, it has a remarkable role. First, Let’s take a look at the [...]