Laser Welding Machine System

  • Desktop laser welding machine for jewelry

    This model is perfectly suited for Jewelers . The MACTRON was not only developed for laser experts but also for technicians intending to simply bond metal to metal. The use of this laser system is quick and easy to learn and you will have the support of our MACTRON Laser Team. The handiness and mobility of the Mactronlaser makes any job that calls for detail and artistry, quicker, easier and programmable to ensure consistency. The results exceed conventional processes for all welding and joining tasks. 

  • Fiber Laser Welding Machine Automatic

  • laser welding machine handheld

    The laser welding system adopts a new method of soldering and it is mainly used for welding on  thin-walled materials’ precision parts. The machine is also available for jam welding, seal welding, spot welding, stitch welding. The machine has many advantages, including short weld length, high width ratio, inappreciable heat-affected zone, little deformation, high welding speed, good-looking welding line, little remedial work after welding, high-quality of welding line, precise control of positioning accuracy, small  spot focus and automated welding.The operating principle of the laser welding system is that it employs high-octane laser pulse to heat one particular area of tiny areas on a work material. The powerful energy of laser radiation diffuses into materials’ internal parts through heat conduction, and then the melting material will form a  specific molten bath to facilitate the laser welding.

  • Yag Laser Welding Machine for Advertising Words

    Specially for advertising words laser welding;

    Handle very small parts’ tiny welding very well;

    Widely used for cutting labels, crafts, printed fabric, trademarks etc.


  • Yag Laser Welding Machine for Tooling

    Specially for Tooling laser welding;

    Globe  leading CCD positioning technology system;

    80W 100W 130W 150W Power is optional.