Laser Welding Machine System

  • Automatic Laser Welding Machine

    Automatic laser welding machine can complete automatic or semi-automatic spot welding, butt welding, stack welding and seal welding by equipped with four-dimensional ball screw table and imported servo control system, aiming at complex plane straight line, arc and any track welding.

  • QCW Pulse Laser Welding Machine

    The QCW pulse laser welding machine has two working modes: continuous and pulsed, which can quickly switch the optical path and realize high-speed splitting.

  • Robotic welding machine

    The robot laser welding machine system has fast running speed, high repetitive positioning accuracy, low consumables, low operating cost, and is suitable for large-format space welding.

  • 4 Axis Automatic Fiber Laser Welding Machine

    4 Axis automatic fiber laser welding machine can meet the welding of various metals, alloys, steel, kovar alloy and other same materials, as well as the welding of copper nickel, nickel titanium, copper titanium, titanium molybdenum, brass copper, low carbon steel copper and other dissimilar metals.

  • Handheld fiber laser welding machine

    The handheld fiber laser welding machine is equipped with a double swing welding head with digital display function. It can freely switch a variety of spot modes, quickly cool the gun body, high durable and long lifetime.

  • Jewelry Laser Welder

    The machine adopts ergonomic design and is loaded with a high-definition microscope observation system and high-definition LED screen to ensure the beauty of the welding effect. It is widely uesed to fill holes in bracelets, stitch patterns on necklaces, and inlay claws on rings, etc.

  • Fiber QCW laser welding machine

    Fiber QCW Laser Welding Machine is equipped with integrated laser scanning control system, combined with the automatic production system, which can realize high-speed multi-channel welding.

  • Jewellery Laser Welding Machine

    Jewellery Laser Welding Machine is suitable for jewellery industry, it is adopts ergonomic design, equipped with special microscope observation system and high-speed electronic filter device that can protect operators’ eyes. 

  • Mini Portable Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

    Jewellery Laser Welding Machine adopts ergonomic design, suitable for jewelry laser welding industry, professional appearance design, equipped with special microscope observation system of cross cursor, with high-speed electronic filter device, which can protect operators’ eyes.

  • QCW Laser Welding Machine

    The machine adopts QCW fiber laser, which can work simultaneously in continuous and high peak power pulse mode to complete the processing requirements of welding or cutting, which greatly improves the processing speed and production efficiency.

  • Fiber CW Laser Welding Machine

    The fiber laser has the characteristics of high beam quality and high energy. In the continuous welding condition, compared with the same power YAG laser, it has the characteristics of deep welding depth and good welding strength. The equipment has no consumable parts, long life, low failure rate and other characteristics.

  • Desktop laser welding machine for jewelry

    Desktop laser welding machine is suitable for gold, silver, platinum, copper, titanium, stainless steel and other metal materials. Including: ring, earring, bracelet, necklace, necktie clip, cuffs and other jewelry, metal jewelry.