【MACTRON CLASSROOM】How To Correct Parameters Of Cutting Machine?

In the process of cutting, workpiece surface is heated to vaporization temperature quickly by focused laser beams, forming High pressure steam and spraying outward at supersonic speeds. When high-pressure vapors spray outward, the melted materials are blown away in the kerf till the workpiece is finally cut. The laser cutting machine equipped with CCD vision positioning system is not only suitable for various materials and objects, but also can realize automatic positioning and precise cutting operation.   The parameters is a [...]

How to adjust the focal length of the cutting machine?

As a new generation of large-scale intelligent mechanical equipment, laser cutting machine has the advantages of high processing accuracy, good cutting effect and wide application. It can not only engraving on the material, but also cut the whole board of large-format materials. The method of adjusting the focal length of the marking machine and the cutting machine is slightly different. In this issue, we will teach you two ways to adjust the correct focal length, remember it!   Watch the video   If [...]

【MACTRON CLASSROOM】Software Project Teaching

The software is indispensable instructions for laser equipment. In the process of daily use of equipment, we may encounter software failures, which need to be checked and solved in turn. Below, we introduce some common software problems, please watch carefully, grasp the solution.   The Software is damaged Before using the operating software, you need to back up your files. If the software is damaged and cannot be used, it needs to be reinstalled.   The software is encrypted If the software is encrypted, you need [...]

News cutting-edge laser technology that gets under your skin

A highly specialist laser capable of analyzing potentially deadly diseases as never before is under development at Heriot-Watt University. The Deep Tissue project is a state-of-the-art laser that aims to carry out greater analysis of biological tissue including skin, bone and even plant life.   The three-year project builds upon research carried out by Professor Derryck Reid from the university’s Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences (IPAQS), to create a laser capable of gathering tissue data to a depth more than double what is presently available [...]

Mactron carried out multiple disinfection to control of the epidemic

In the face of the still serious epidemic and changing data, Mactron has always maintained the principle of “prevention and control of the epidemic, safety first”. In order to make customers rest assured to buy and use products, The staff carried out multiple disinfection on the product body and packaging before delivery , to ensure that customers receive safe products, effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers. ●Product disinfection: wipe and sterilize with 95% medical alcohol ●Package disinfection: disinfect with [...]

Effect comparison of different filling methods

In the process of laser marking, we fill the specified graphics or text to make the laser mark the best effect on a specific material. Next, we will compare and present from multiple angles such as type, line spacing, number of times, and margin.     Mactron’s laser equipment is widely used in many industries and materials. The diversity of materials makes the filling method especially important. In order to achieve better results, we need to go through multiple tests and comparisons [...]

Laser Equipment Winter Maintenance Tips

In the winter, the temperature is declining. At this time, we should not only warming ourselves, but also do freeze protection for laser machines to ensure the lifetime of the equipment and reduce the risk cost. As we all know, liquids have a “freezing point”. When the temperature of the liquid is lower than this “freezing point” temperature, it will solidify to form a solid, while the deionized water or distilled water will become larger in volume during solidification, which will “break” [...]

How to solve “abnormal sound of the galvo head and the red light beats frequently”

As a modern precision machine, laser equipment is characterized by high precision, high technology and automation. However, improper daily operation will also cause damage to the machine and cause various problems. When we encounter the situation that “abnormal sound of the galvo head and the red light beats frequently”, it is necessary to check in five steps in turn, to find the cause and solve it in time.     After completing the above five aspects of inspection, we can basically determine the [...]