Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

  • Auto-Feeding Large Format CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Vision Positioning

    This type Laser Cutting Machine with co2 laser tube is mainly used to cut computerized embroidery labels, irregular labels, embroidery craftwork, print fabric, textile, badge, trademark industries and other nonmetal materials. This type Laser Cutter adopts CCD camera positioning automatically, high cutting speed, high precision, well cutting effect.

  • Automatic CCD Pick-Up Positioning Laser Cutting Machine

    It can be widely applied for label cutting, woven label cutting, computerized embroidery label cutting, large digital print positioning cutting and engraving and other nonmetal materials.

  • CCD Lifting Platform Laser Cutting Machine

    This series is equipped with CCD automatic positioning system, automatic focusing system and automatic lifting platform device, which is automatically controlled by computer software, and can realize automatic positioning and precise cutting and large-format cutting. 


  • Co2 Laser Cutting Machine For Advertising Decoration

    It is applied for engraving and cutting in the fields of advertisement, decoration, crafts and gifts, stamp mode industries. For example, acrylic, double-colored board, plywood, MDF, rubber, plastics etc.

  • Double Head 70W-150W Denim Jeans Shoe Design Leather Laser Engraving Machine

    Auto-Feeding Double Heads Laser Cutting Machine adopt the auto-feeding system working table, used to cut soft materials in rolls automatically. This laser cutting machines equipped with double cutting heads and auto feeding system, especially suitable to the mass laser cutting and engraving of appliqué embroidery, textile, fabric etc.

  • Large Fiber Laser Cutter

     It is a high-tech equipment integrating with advanced fiber laser, numerical control and precision mechanical technology.When cutting metal plate such as stainless steel or carbon steel, it has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high cost performance.

  • Large Format Laser Cutting Machine

    MT-MN series metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine is suitable for metal and non-metal sheet cutting, which is equipped with steel welded frame, stable, good rigidity, high dynamic response that ensures no deformation on long-term working condition.

  • Large Format Laser Flat Bed

    A new method of industry field-best carrier for laser processing

    Employs its movement controlling capacity to improve the laser processing effect

    S type speed control software helps to provide fast and consistent speed

  • Large Format Laser Flat Bed For Leather

    Half flight optical path design, it means laser generator fixed is in X axis and moving in line of Y axis, so that the cutting effect of each corner of the whole large area material is consistent. And adopt high quality servo motor, ball screw guide and effective blowing system.

  • Laser Cutting Machine Double-Head

    Two sets of co2 laser tube, power supply, cooling system and laser cutting heads;

    The processing efficiency will be doubled;

    Dual heads increase the working effects of laser processing.

  • Laser Cutting Machine with Auto CCD Positioning Function

    This Laser Cutting Machine is with co2 laser tube.

    This Laser Cutter adopts CCD camera positioning automatically.

    With high cutting speed, high precision, well cutting effect.

  • Laser Cutting Machine with Double Heads Auto Feeding

    With auto-feeding system working table

    Equipped with double cutting heads

    Suitable to the mass laser cutting and engraving of applique embroidery, textile, fabric etc