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Application of laser welding in automobile manufacturing industry

Laser Welding and Automobile Manufacturing Laser tailored welding is a key link in automobile body manufacturing. It has many advantages. It can not only reduce vehicle manufacturing costs, logistics costs, vehicle weight, fuel consumption, and scrap rate, but also improve the body’s collision resistance. Stamping rate and corrosion resistance, etc. Therefore, more and more auto parts manufacturers are setting their sights on the tailor welding industry.   As a new technological means, laser tailor welding brings new solutions to automobile body manufacturing. [...]

Prospects for precision laser equipment

Looking back on the development of laser technology in recent years, the development of lasers in metal marking, cutting and welding of large parts is relatively mature. However, the application scale of precision laser manufacturing is relatively lagging. The more important reason is that the former is rough processing and precision laser processing accuracy , The customization requirements are high, the process development is difficult, and the cycle is long. At present, laser precision processing mainly focuses on consumer [...]

Application and development trend of three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting technology

Technology development trend: With the more advanced and advanced three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting technology, the performance and function are becoming more and more powerful, the technology development trend is as follows: 1. High acceleration and high speed: product acceleration is getting higher and higher, product speed is getting faster and faster, and production efficiency is getting higher and higher;   2. High cutting speed and high precision: Only with fast cutting speed can the production efficiency be high and the production cost can [...]

Laser cutting machine to create safe food machinery

Food machinery is one of the products that are in direct contact with it during the food production process, and its quality directly affects food safety. For a long time, my country’s food machinery industry has faced the embarrassing situation of small and scattered, large and imprecise, and the core technology of products is difficult to compete with developed countries. To be invincible in the international market, food production must achieve mechanization, automation, specialization, and scale. It must be [...]

Hand-held welding: Attach importance to safety and guide the healthy development of the market

Compared with traditional welding, hand-held laser welding improves efficiency by more than 50%, smooth and even. It is easy to grind or does not need to be polished after welding. Now it has debuted at the C position of the laser circle. However, while holding the convenience of hand-held welding equipment, we should put laser safety first in the equipment!   According to the data, due to improper use of the operator or product quality, many safety accidents have occurred: some [...]

News cutting-edge laser technology that gets under your skin

A highly specialist laser capable of analyzing potentially deadly diseases as never before is under development at Heriot-Watt University. The Deep Tissue project is a state-of-the-art laser that aims to carry out greater analysis of biological tissue including skin, bone and even plant life.   The three-year project builds upon research carried out by Professor Derryck Reid from the university’s Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences (IPAQS), to create a laser capable of gathering tissue data to a depth more than double what is presently available [...]

Teach you how to avoid the laser “heavy cold”

The autumn wind is blowing, the winter is approaching, the miles are frozen, and the snow is floating. In the cold winter temperature conditions, if you don’t have careful maintenance, the laser working hard day and night may also have a “heavy cold”: when the ambient temperature drops below the freezing point, the coolant in the laser will change from liquid to solid. The volume of solid coolant will increase significantly, which will create the risk of rising water [...]

Two-step laser mass spectrometry for more accurate cell research

It is reported that in order to improve mass spectrometry to enhance the study of cytochemical composition, researchers from the University of Münster have developed a method for improving the spatial resolution of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry in UK health agencies. Increased by about a thousandth of a millimeter. The researchers called the technique t-MALDI-2 (‘t’ indicates the transmission mode), which uses two lasers: one for generating a smaller focus on the removed material and the other [...]

Laser ultrasound provides a new way of thinking for nondestructive testing

Many industrial buildings, including nuclear power plants and chemical plants, rely on ultrasonic instruments that continuously monitor the structural integrity of their systems without damaging or changing their function. Currently, scientists have developed a new technology that uses laser technology and candle soot to generate effective ultrasound for non-destructive testing and evaluation. A group of researchers are currently using Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing (NDT), which involves amplification of photoacoustic laser source signals using a nanoparticle array of candle soot and polydimethylsiloxane. [...]

Laser Engraving Marking Machines with Different Precision Ruler Configuration

What Kind of Precision Ruler of a Fiber Laser Engraving Marking Machine Should We Choose?

About the precision ruler of a fiber laser marking engraving machine, it is used to measure the precise focusing of the laser working on the surface of the material need to be processed. It is a very simple and unimpressive. Actually, it is really not as important as some core components like optical galvo scanner & lens and fiber laser source. But in some especially situation and circumstance, it has a remarkable role. First, Let’s take a look at the [...]