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Application of Laser Cleaning Machine in Welding Seam Processing

Weld surface cleaning is one of the classic applications of industrial laser cleaning. It is widely used in fields such as automobiles, shipbuilding, and precision tool manufacturing. It can clean steel, stainless steel, aluminum, iron and other materials without damaging the base material, and does not affect the welding effect of the product. In addition to metal cleaning applications, laser cleaning machines can also remove oxide layers, primers, oils, hydrates, etc. Advantages of laser cleaning weld beads: The traditional cleaning [...]

Pharmaceutical Packaging Laser Printing Solution

Packaging box marking is a necessary link in the process of production and promotion of products, but the traditional labeling and inkjet process has disadvantages such as large amounts of consumables such as ink and ribbon. And Laser marking has become the first choice for the processing and manufacturing industry because of its green, environmentally friendly and economical processing methods. In order to better help companies trace products and realize information transparency for customers, Mactron has innovatively developed a [...]

Laser Processing Brass & Copper with Mactron’s Laser

Brass is mainly composed of trace metal elements such as copper and zinc. It has strong ductility and wear resistance, high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and is often used in industries, jewelry, household and high-tech applications. We can see brass products everywhere in our daily life, such as brass valves, brass water pipes, brass gaskets, brass lamps, circuit boards, precision clocks, house plates, necklaces, commemorative coins, bookmarks, musical instruments, etc. Both brass and copper are highly reflective metal materials [...]

Laser Customize Father’s Day Gift

If our life was a movie Father is the best supporting actor Accompany us in obscurity Witness important moments in our lives Guide us on the journey of growth Those important moments He never seems to be absent Father, like a teacher and friend in life, accompanies the child to grow up, and is the hero in the child’s heart. Leather bags and belts are essential accessories in father’s daily life, customizing a leather bag or belt for Dad will [...]

Laser system solutions for the watch industry

Due to precious materials and precision components, the watch industry has put forward higher requirements for various processing technologies in the production process. Laser equipment has the advantages of high precision, high flexibility, high efficiency and low consumables, which can complete a variety of processing procedures such as marking, engraving, welding, cutting, drilling, etc., and bring more creative design products and profit growth points for watch manufacturers. Laser Marking In the process of making watches, the traditional engraving method needs to [...]

Laser Customized Creative Night Light-Mother’s Day

On the special day, customize a creative night light, like the bright moon at night, with a special artistic conception and charm. Express gratitude with a gift that warms Mom’s heart. Laser Customized Creative Night Light The creative night light is made of acrylic board and wooden base. Acrylic and wood have a wide range of applications. They are often used in signs, gifts, daily necessities, advertisements or artwork design. Use laser equipment to mark permanent, clear and exquisite marks on [...]

Can you laser engrave silicone?

Silicone is very common in daily life. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, environmental protection and non-toxicity. It also has the advantages of softness, no cracking, and long service life. It is a green and environmentally friendly material. Processed products with silicone as the main raw material are called silicone products. At present, silicone products are mostly used in sports, mother and baby, medical, kitchen, electronics, automobiles and other fields, such as silicone bracelets, silicone watches, water [...]

What should I do if the laser welding aluminum alloy fails?

Aluminum and aluminum alloys are widely used in the fields of construction, transportation, automobile, electronics, packaging and aerospace due to their light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. With the development of technology, aluminum alloy welding process has been improved. At present, laser welding is a welding technology commonly used in the market, it has the advantages of concentrated high-power heat source, small heat-affected zone, less deformation, energy saving and consumption reduction. In the daily welding process, due to the [...]

How to Laser Process Lighting Parts

In recent years, in order to meet customers’ diverse life scene needs and artistic and creative decoration needs, It is not only necessary to strengthen the innovation of research and development technology, but also to seek more efficient processing methods. In the transformation and upgrading process of lighting enterprises, intelligent laser equipment plays the role of booster, including laser marking LED lamps, laser cutting and welding iron lampshades, etc.   Laser marking lighting parts As we all know, laser marking is an [...]

How to improve the production efficiency of antigen detection reagents?

With the adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policy, antigen detection reagents have become a hot item after masks, and the demand has skyrocketed in stages, falling into the dilemma of “hard to find a box”. In order to ensure the market supply, many production enterprises have increased their production capacity through various methods such as recruiting workers, shifting more shifts, and increasing equipment, so as to actively meet the market demand. “Antigen screening, nucleic acid diagnosis” has become [...]