Product Tag - 10W Laser Marker

  • UV Laser Marking Machine

    The machine adopts high quality and imported UV laser generator.The ultra-small focusing spot of 355nm UV light doesn’t break the surface of glass.There is no heating effects when marking and Engraving,so it would not deform the wafer.
  • XY Axis Mobile Platform Laser Marking Machine

    This laser marking machine is equipped with XY axis mobile platform, the platform occupies less space, through the guide rail and the slider, it can meet the need of large-format operations and has the characteristics of high quality and high performance.   

  • Online Co2 Laser Marking Printer System

    Special online laser marking printer for automatic production line

    Can be equipped with different kinds of laser sources (fiber, co2, or UV)

    Widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather industry

  • UV Flying Laser Marking Machine

    laser marker is a kind of special flying laser printer for automatic production line.It is more outstanding in the aspects of low material consumption, pollution-free, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection. Additionally, the machine has advantages of simple operation, stable performance, long usage lifetime, low maintenance cost etc.

  • Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine

    Handled Laser part is small portable and flexible to move by hand;

    widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather, packaging etc;

    10W 20W 30W Power is optional.

  • Custom 4 Axis co2 Laser Marking Machine

    The machine also has high stability and anti-intervention industrial computer system as well as high precise lifting platform. 

  • Ultraviolet Laser Marking Machine System

    High laser beam quality, tiny light spot

    Ultra-small focusing spot of 355nm ultraviolet light

    Faster, better efficiency, high-precision with superfine marking