• Mini Portable Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

    Jewellery Laser Welding Machine adopts ergonomic design, suitable for jewelry laser welding industry, professional appearance design, equipped with special microscope observation system of cross cursor, with high-speed electronic filter device, which can protect operators’ eyes.

  • Desktop laser welding machine for jewelry

    This model is perfectly suited for Jewelers . The MACTRON was not only developed for laser experts but also for technicians intending to simply bond metal to metal. The use of this laser system is quick and easy to learn and you will have the support of our MACTRON Laser Team. The handiness and mobility of the Mactronlaser makes any job that calls for detail and artistry, quicker, easier and programmable to ensure consistency. The results exceed conventional processes for all welding and joining tasks. 

  • Jewellery Laser Welding Machine

    The high power beam expanding system can obtain more fine light spots and meet the needs of fine laser spot welding; the whole machine is small, convenient to carry and transport, and the operation process is simple. Good welding effect, stable and reliable equipment, low failure rate.

  • 600W Automatic 4 axis Mould Laser Welding Machine Price

    Laser welding systems are now used in many fields to efficiently, economically, and contactlessly make high-quality joints. They result in flawless seams in metal plates, plastic components, jewelry, and even building components. Automatic laser welding series meets all of these demands while flexibly permitting highly customized work. These systems are therefore ideal for virtually any manufacturing task. The professional-grade laser welding equipment presented in our catalog includes ten different systems that are tailored to meet specific industrial needs.

  • Galvo Laser Welding Machine

    The machine is easy to operate, the current waveform can be adjusted arbitrarily, the welding accuracy is high, the speed is fast and the effect is good.

  • Mould Laser Welding Machine

    Mactron Mold Laser Welding Machine is with elegant design, and free to move. It meets the needs of repairing various mold materials and easy to operate. High hardness after welding, no cracks and sand holes.

  • High Power Automatic Mold Repair Laser Welding Machine With Boom Lift For Large

    Galvanometer scanning laser spot welding machine is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the key components used in the production of high-quality imported parts, welding machine, the use of the scanning mirror of the dynamic welding process, and the use of scanning lenses instead of moving parts or welding mirror Group moving the way, so that the lens in the scanning lens laser beam quickly switch between the solder joints, the greater the distance between the solder joints, the more the number of solder joints on the workpiece, the more obvious advantages. In the single-point welding due to greatly reduce the idle time positioning time, production efficiency than ordinary XY table laser welding to improve 4-10 times, galvanometer and laser are directly controlled by the software to provide based on Windows XP platform Of the special laser welding software. Welding points or graphics can be in its special software directly enter, edit, but also by AutoCAD, CorelDRAW and other software editing, can also import DWG or PLT file. The machine is stable in quality, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

  • 300w mold repairing laser welding machine for stainless steel

    Mactron Mold Laser Welding Machine is with elegant design, and free to move. It meets the needs of repairing various mold materials and easy to operate. High hardness after welding, no cracks and sand holes.

  • Suspend-arm type laser welder

    The joystick is equipped with a movable arm device, which can flexibly adjust the movement of the laser head, and meets welding at various angles and positions.

  • Laser Welding Machine for Advertising Words

    Specially for advertising words laser welding;

    Handle very small parts’ tiny welding very well;

    Widely used for cutting labels, crafts, printed fabric, trademarks etc.