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Application of Laser Technology in Kitchenware Industry

People depend on food, and kitchen utensils are indispensable daily necessities in our lives and a symbol of a better life. With the continuous improvement of national living standards, people have put forward higher requirements for the functionality, aesthetics, durability and other aspects of kitchen utensils. In order to better adapt to the life philosophy of customers, many kitchenware manufacturers continue to explore new production processes and upgrade processing equipment. Laser equipment, as a processing tool in the new [...]

How to unbox and use the machine after receiving it

Buying laser equipment for the first time and getting a complete wooden box package from a logistics provider, you don’t know what to do? Worried about damaging the packaged machine when unboxing? Not sure how to start the first operation? Don’t worry, Mactron will provide you with more thoughtful and comprehensive guidance. Three steps to tell you what to do after receiving the machine.   STEP 1: Unbox the machine Firstly you need to prepare some tools:vise, hammer, wrench, knife and the [...]

Laser Customized Mid-Autumn Festival Gift

From ancient times to the present, human beings have been full of endless reverie about the vast universe. Flying to the moon is the dream of the Chinese nation that has lasted for thousands of years. China’s lunar exploration and manned spaceflight are developing rapidly. At the end of 2020, Chang’e 5 spacecraft successfully sampled the moon and returned to Earth. Recently, a new generation of manned launch vehicles and heavy-duty launch vehicles have entered the preliminary stage of [...]

How to choose the shielding gas for laser welding machine?

Laser welding machine is a commonly used machine in the field of metal processing. With the gradual maturity of laser welding technology, the industry’s requirements for processing effects are becoming more and more stringent. In the process of processing, many manufacturers are more concerned about how to better utilize the value of laser welding and make products with a beautiful appearance and high quality. The main principle of laser welding is to set the shape after heating and melting. To [...]

Microphone Laser Marking Machine-Industry Laser Processing Solutions

As we all know, laser marking is a non-contact marking method, which can complete the surface marking without affecting the function of the product, and is widely used in metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, leather and other materials. At present, there are many types of laser marking machines with different appearances and configurations on the market. For manufacturers, improving production efficiency and product quality has become a more core competitiveness. Based on customer needs, Mactron is committed to creating industry-specific [...]

Advantages of 3D laser marking machine

In the industrial field, laser technology has long been a mature and commonly used processing method. The traditional two-dimensional laser marking machine uses fixed focus to mark the surface of plane and regular objects, but its function and processing range are limited. In order to better meet the market demand, 3D laser marking machines have gradually entered the public’s field of vision and become a popular trend in the field of laser processing.   The 3D laser marking machine is equipped [...]

Application of laser in the field of toys and stationery

With the increasing competition in the toy market, traditional toy manufacturers have begun to upgrade from OEM to original trendy toys. It is the important part of the process for building independent brands of toys to improve brand awareness and maintain original copyrights.   As a non-contact marking method, laser can not only cut the raw materials of toys, but also mark the brand LOGO, QR code and model information on the surface of the product, which can effectively realize the [...]

Happy mother’s day:MACTRON leads mothers Into a healthy life

With the continuous development of society, women in the new era have gradually increased requirements for their health, figure, and appearance. The mother is one of the roles of women. She provide the children with correct education and guidance, as well as a warm and comfortable living environment, she also actively shaped herself, pursuing an independent, free, and healthy future life.   Fitness is a way for mothers to pursue fashion and self-pursuit. With the emergence of fitness fashion, and the [...]

How to solve the cutting pattern has jagged

Laser cutting machine has become an important partner in the industrial field because of its fast cutting speed and high efficiency. In the process of laser cutting, the cutting machine may be affected by factors such as vibration, gears, speed, guide rail and slider, resulting in the cutting pattern jagged. Next, we need to check and solve them in turn. In the process of laser cutting, it is necessary to ensure that the various parts of the machine are installed [...]

How to solve the problem of graphic cutting

The cutting pattern is incomplete or uneven, which will directly affect the cutting effect and fail to pass the requirements in the process. Next, we will tell you how to solve this problem through the video.   Incomplete Cutting Graph We need to check hardware and software when the cutting graph is incomplete . If it is a hardware failure, we need to replace the motor. If it is a software problem, we need to troubleshoot the CNC system, check whether the [...]