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MetalTECH 2018 Malaysia Exhibition Information

METALTECH, The International Machine Tools, and Metalworking Technology Exhibition have been held for 18 years since 1995. It is the largest and the most influential exhibition of Machine tools and Metalworking in South East Asian. The Exhibition is devoted to establishing a platform for machine industry manufacturers and dealers to gather and stay together to discuss business and advance the machine and metal industry developments. First, Let take a look the MetalTech Malaysia Exhibition in last few years.             [...]

Mactron Laser Team Climb the DG Highest Mountain

Mactron Tech Laser Team Climb Dongguan Highest Yinpin Mountain

Last Weekend, Mactron Tech Laser Team was planning a traveling active to climb the highest mountain in Dongguan city, the Yinpin Mountain. Here, some of us gathered together very early at 7:00 and started to drive to the foot of Mountain. mactron tech laser team were going climbing the mountain When we arrived at the bottom of the mountain, we started to climb the mountain along the mountain road. mactron tech laser climbing on the mountain mactron tech laser climb on the mountain road mactron [...]

Mactron - Laser Marking Engraving Manufacturer in China

Mactron – Laser Marking Engraving Manufacturer in China

Mactron first established in 2006 and started to doing business in the laser industry. As the laser machine manufacturer, At first, Mactron concentrated on laser cutting machine as well as all kinds of laser components and spare parts, including co2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, laser flatbed cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, co2 laser tube, co2 laser power supply, laser focusing lens, laser reflector mirror, industrial laser chiller, laser protective safety goggle, Exhaust Dust [...]

Rotary Laser Marking Engraving on Screw Part

Rotary Attachment for Laser Marking Engraving Machine

Rotary Attachment, also called Rotary device, as we all know, the rotary attachment is a good add-on attachment for laser marking engraving machine, it is used to engrave or mark on some round or cylinder objects. Usually, rotary device not includes in the standard configuration, but if you need to engrave or mark on some round or cylinder objects, it will be a necessary item.

Custom 4 Axis Co2 Laser Marking Machine

Introduce a Custom Co2 Laser Marking Engraving Machine

As we all know, some customers would like standard type laser marking engraving machine, and some customers need to laser mark or laser engrave some special object with special marking engraving sizes. So the standard type could fulfill their needs, they are seeking custom type laser marking engraving machine. Compared to standard type, custom type indicates a higher technical and workmanship requirement. Recently, we made a custom 4 axis co2 rf laser marking engraving machine with wind cooling system. After getting our customer’s [...]

Mactron Tech Team Weekend at Farm House

Mactron Tech’s Weekend Party at Suburb Farm House

Nowadays, people more and more like to have leisure time at the suburb and rural area. So Mactron Tech Team decided to go to a suburban farm house to have a party together last weekend. The farm house have cooker that private restaurant service, and also have self cook choice. We decide to self cook by ourselves. That would have more fun. Let’s see some pictures of us at the farm house. After we arraived at the farm house, and got off [...]

DEPS Guangzhou 2018

DEPS Sign Expo China Guangzhou 2018 Information

DPES Sign Expo China 2018 will be held on March 3th ~6th, 2018 in Guangzhou City, China. It is a grand meeting for manufacturers and buyers in the sign, Printing & Publishing and advertising industries. Mactron Tech, as one of the leading manufacturer of laser machine system, will participate the DEPS exhibition as before.

mactron tech team sail at double moon bay sea cover

Mactron Tech Team Summer Holiday Travelling Tour on Double Moon Bay on Huizhou Peninsula

Last Week, Mactron Tech’s all team colleagues went Double Moon Bay on Huizhou Peninsula for a two days Holiday Tour. It is really a very wonderful travelling. In the first day afternoon, we arrived in the destination, After a few moments rest, we went the beach to start the barbecue. As you can see, all staff looks very happy with the barbecue, and we discover some of the barbecue masters colleague that we didn’t know before. And it makes us taste very [...]

20W Fiber Laser Marker Mactron Promotions

Laser Marking Machine Summer Promotion 2017

Summer Promotion for Celebrating Mactron Tech 9th Year Anniversary 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine To celebrate our 9th year anniversary of Mactron Tech, Mactron is happy to offer cash rebates to our honored patrons and prospect. Mactron offers 100 sets High-quality MT-F20-E Fiber laser marking machine with favorite attractive promotional prices, the promotion will cease once these 100 sets sold out. The Promotion Activity period is as below: July 1st – Aug. 31, 2017   Now Let’s See the special details of this High-Quality 20W Fiber Laser Marking [...]