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Is laser engraving marking lens different from laser cutting lens?

As we all know, a laser machine at least is composed of laser source tube and some reflecting lens/mirror. Whether it is a laser marking engraving machine or it is a laser cutting machine. The lens is used for reflecting and focusing the laser light. Then is the lens of a laser marking engraving machine and a laser cutting machine the same? Of course, they are not. To speak of the laser lens, first, we need to know the laser lights. A [...]

Laser Marking Cutting Application in the Manufacturing Industry

Laser marking is using very tiny beam of laser light to mark various kinds of signs, words, patterns etc. The laser beam can be measured by micron. The focused ultra fine laser is like sharp blade, could removed the substance of an object surface spot by spot. The best advantage is that it would be touch the processing materials in the laser marking process, and would not cause scratch and scrub, and would not cause extrusion and deformation. So laser [...]

Why Power on but no movement for co2 laser cutting engraving machine?

The co2 laser cutting engraving machine is power on, why there is no movement for the machine? There may be several points we need to notice as below: 1. The laser cutting machine power is on, but the laser head does not move, and the LCD displays nothing: Please check if the fuse in the general power is burnt and if burnt, please repair. 2. The laser cutting machine power is on, LCD displays “Loading” at first, after that, it displays “Waiting”, [...]

Laser Cutting-Engraving Machine System User’s Manual

Download Laser Cutting Engraving Machine System’s User’s Manual Here: Laser Cutting-Engraving Machine System User’s Manual of Mactron Tech’s The Manual is including the Introduction of Function and structure of laser machine, System components, Installation of the Laser Cutting Engraving Machine, Operation Guide, Safety cautions, Maintenance, Problems and solutions, Technical parameters, Accessories, Regulations of repair guarantee. The Model No. including all of the Mactron Tech’s Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine System: MT-9060 series; MT-1610 series MT-1080 series; MT-1813 series MT-6040 series; MT-1810 series MT-2516 series; MT-FC5040 series; MT-3016 series etc.