Laser Marking Cutting Application in the Manufacturing Industry

Laser marking is using a very tiny beam of laser light to mark various kinds of signs, words, patterns etc. The laser beam can be measured by Micron.

The focused ultra-fine laser is like a sharp blade, could remove the substance of an object surface spot by spot. The best advantage is that it would touch the processing materials in the laser marking process, and would not cause scratch and scrub, and would not cause extrusion and deformation. So laser marking would cause no damage to the processed materials. The refocused laser beam can be even tinier, the generated heat effect area is also very tiny, the process is with high precision, so it could finish some unexpected workmanship the common methods cannot do.

Laser marking custom pattern on phone case

Laser processing could realize nearly all kinds of flat sheet materials’ cutting by modern CAD/CAM software. The laser processing not only has the features of high speed, high efficiency, low cost, and also could avoid the tooling’s change, highly reduce the production preparation period.

Laser marking on phone case in phone manufacturing

Laser processing is easy for consistent processing, the laser beam’s transposition time is very short, it highly enhances the production efficiency.

It also could make multi workpieces alternating installation. When one workpiece is in the processing period, the finished workpieces can be unloaded and unfinished workpieces can be installed at the same time. This realizes the parallel processing and saves installation time and makes processing efficiency enhanced.

Laser cutting metal sheet in manufacturing industry

Laser cutting, featured with high speed, high precision, high quality, high adaptability, energy saving and environmental protection, is becoming modern metal processing mainstream technology. Nowadays, in the laser processing application area, laser cutting is occupying 32% market share. The laser cutting technology also has the features of small shot, small heat effect area, good trim cutting edge, no noise etc. It could easily realize the automatic control. Laser cutting doesn’t need the tools and molds, it could replace some traditional punching cutting that needs complicated large tools and molds, greatly reduce the production period and production cost.

Metalworking is the key technology of metalworking technician, it is also the important process of metal forming. The traditional metal forming usually using the punching machine, the wear and tear of tools and molds is very large, and there need a series of tools and molds that cost very high. Compare the metalworking, the laser processing’s flexible manufacturing advantage is very clear.

Laser cutting punching in manufacturing industry

In the mobile phones manufacturing process, 70% production links are using the laser technology and laser equipment. In recent years, along with the development and application of high power and high energy UV laser marking machine, UV laser marking and high-speed laser process technology, the mobile phone’s manufacturing technology is becoming more intelligent and efficient.

In one respect, the laser is more efficient, more environmentally protective, the laser process technology is replacing the traditional process technology; In other respect, the manufacturing of the mobile phone is the crystal of high precision manufacturing and microprocessing technology. The laser process has nature advantage of microprocessing and precision manufacturing, especially laser process technology of laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, and laser welding machine.
Mobile phone case laser punching

Laser punching, can be regarded as an extension of deep laser marking, is one of the important application technology of mobile phone manufacturing. Laser focus beam could gather very high energy in the very tiny area, it is very suitable for the process of tiny and deep holes, the smallest hole radius can be several microns. Laser punching can be used for PCB punching, shell punching, earphone punching in the mobile phone making process. The mobile phone is as small as a palm, but this device has more than 200 parts and accessories assembled together, its manufacturing technology can be most difficult technology in the world. To combine and process LPC, camera, LCD, monitor, PCB, antennas etc these 200 parts together, the demand for the precision degree is extremely high. As we can see, the laser technology’s application is a very important factor in advancing the intelligence mobile phones’ manufacturing industry.


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