Is laser engraving marking lens different from laser cutting lens?

As we all know, a laser machine at least is composed of laser source tube and some reflecting lens/mirror. Whether it is a laser marking engraving machine or it is a laser cutting machine.

The lens is used for reflecting and focusing the laser light. Then is the lens of a laser marking engraving machine and a laser cutting machine the same?

Of course, they are not. To speak of the laser lens, first, we need to know the laser lights.

A laser cutting machine’s laser light is transmitted by X-axis and Y-axis conveyors to the laser head, there are reflecting mirrors in the X-axis and Y-axis conveyors for reflecting the laser light.

And in the laser heads, there is a focusing lens for focusing the laser light from thick light to thin light for cutting materials. The focusing area is a spot. The laser focusing heads can be moved through X-axis and Y-axis’s conveyor.

A laser marking engraving machine’s laser light is transmitted and filtered by the glavo scanner, and then focused by the f-theta focusing lens.

We can regard the glavo scanner as a reflecting mirror, and regard the f-theta lens as the focusing lens.

Once the focusing point is adjusted, the f-theta lens no need to be moved. We can start the laser marking engraving on materials in a limited area, for example, 110 x 110 mm, 175 x 175mm, or 300 x 300 mm. Of course, as the marking materials’ height sometimes are different, we need to adjust the f-theta focusing lens’s height to fit the best laser light focusing on marking materials according to marking material’s height.

According to the above interpretation, hope could help customers understand the theory and principle of both a laser engraving marking machine and a laser cutting machine.

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