Customized Laser Machine System

  • IC Automatic Laser Marking Machine

    IC automatic laser marking machine is equipped with third generation automatic carrier tape marking system, which is mainly suitable for IC card marking, and can be marked with digital codes, LOGO, serial numbers, etc.

  • CCD Camera Positioning Laser Marking Machine

    The CCD camera positioning laser marking machine is equipped with core optical devices, including fiber laser and scanning galvanometer imported from world famous brands.  It satisfies various industries high demand of marking application. 

  • 4 Axis Automatic Fiber Laser Welding Machine

    4 Axis automatic fiber laser welding machine can meet the welding of various metals, alloys, steel, kovar alloy and other same materials, as well as the welding of copper nickel, nickel titanium, copper titanium, titanium molybdenum, brass copper, low carbon steel copper and other dissimilar metals.

  • Automatic IC laser marker

    The machine is equipped with an automatic carrier tape control system, which is mainly suitable for IC card marking,  The content of the mark is clear and permanent.

  • MOPA Laser Marking Machine for Aluminum

    MOPA fiber laser laser marking machine is a suitable equipment for high-end electronic products. It is mainly used to mark black or white on anodized aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and plastic electroplating products without damaging the surface, it also mark colors on stainless steel.

  • Laser Marking Engraving Machine for Ceramics

     RF series are fitted with full set of imported metal sealed radiation frequency Co2 laser, and equipped with high speed scanning galvanometer and extending focusing system.

  • Laser Marking Machine for Plastic

    Plastic is widely used in modern life and has wide process application requirements. Laser marking is one of the workmanship.

  • Online Visual Positioning Laser Marking Machine

    The visual positioning laser marker can not only automatically locate products for marking and automatic detection of defective products, but also realize large-scale visual positioning and marking through the moving platform.

  • Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

    Flying Marking, also called online laser marking;

    Advanced digital high-speed scanning galvanometer;

    Embedded laser operating software system.

  • Auto-focus laser marker

    The auto-focus laser marking machine is a high-quality, high-performance fiber laser marking machine. It is equipped with an auto-focus system that can set the correct focal length through automatic lifting, which is more intelligent and efficient than ordinary models.

  • Visual Positioning Laser Marker

    The Visual positioning laser marker is equipped with a visual positioning system, which can accurately identify the location and direction of the marked object, and perform precise marking, with clear and permanent results. This machine can help manufacturers improve production efficiency.

  • Customized LED Lamp Auto Laser Marking Machine

    Specially made for LED Lamp Manufacturer Customers

    Could marking and printing Logo and words on the surface of the LED Lamp and Bulbs

    Could customize more special mode for special industry application