Laser Marking Machine System

  • 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

    Offers excellent laser beam quality with the newest technology

    Provides an industrial marking solution for product identification and traceability

    High-speed galvo system to enable stable laser output and high-quality laser

  • 30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

    Offers excellent laser beam quality

    Equipped with core optical devices

    Satisfy industrial high precision demand

  • 3Axis Dynamic RF Co2 Laser Marking Machine

    Adopts big power metal RF laser tube imported from USA

    Equipped with hi-tech dynamic focusing galvo scanner

    High-precision and high-speed laser marking & laser engraving

  • 3D Laser Marking Etching Machine

    with 3D specified software and control system

    Can adjust focus length any time for deep engraving

    Make real 3D (three-dimensional)marking

  • 3W UV Laser Engraving Machine Price

    1. UV Laser marking and engraving Machine adopts UV laser generator .
    2. The ultra-small focusing spot of 355nm UV light doesn’t break the surface of glass.
    3. There is no heating effects when marking and Engraving,so it would not deform the wafer.
    4. The machine adopts high quality and imported UV laser generator.
    5. The UV light can ensure hyper-fine Engraving ,the minimum Engraving character can be accurate to 0.2mm.


  • 5W UV Laser Marking Machine For Masks

    This model can accurately mark specific materials with a specific light source,  such as acrylic or glass fiber. The marking effect is smooth, beautiful, and the overall efficiency is greatly improved.

  • Aluminum Alloy 20w Portable Fiber Laser Marking Engraver Machine

    Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Scanlab Scan adopts the imported fiber laser generator, high speed Galvo system to enable stable laser output and high quality laser mode. This model Laser Marking Equipment boasts for its fast marking speed, good marking effect and high efficiency to meet the demand of mass production. Furthermore Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine also enjoys the advantages of easy operation, low running cost, long-term trouble –free working and free from maintenance. All these factors devotes to its capacity to satisfy industrial production.

  • Automatic IC laser marker

    The machine is equipped with an automatic carrier tape control system, which is mainly suitable for IC card marking,  The content of the mark is clear and permanent.

  • China Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machine

    It satisfies various industries high demand of marking application. Including laser marking on materials metal, plastic and food beverage packages etc.

  • Co2 3 Axis Dynamic Focusing Laser Marking Machine

    The 3D Dynamic Laser Machine is excellent in the aspects of algorithm optimization, high speed of marking and cutting, and other powerful functions. 

  • Co2 Glass Laser Marking Machine 30W

    New generation Co2 laser marking system;

    equipped with high speed scanning vibrating lens and extending focusing system;

    Widely used in leather , food, beverage, cloth, electronic etc.

  • Co2 Laser Marking Machine For Bamboo

    It can work on a continuous 24 working hours in high stability, high precision, and high speed.