Application of laser in the field of toys and stationery

With the increasing competition in the toy market, traditional toy manufacturers have begun to upgrade from OEM to original trendy toys. It is the important part of the process for building independent brands of toys to improve brand awareness and maintain original copyrights.


As a non-contact marking method, laser can not only cut the raw materials of toys, but also mark the brand LOGO, QR code and model information on the surface of the product, which can effectively realize the anti-counterfeiting traceability of products and protect the original copyright of the manufacturer.


laser marking toys
The creation of an independent brand of toys is not overnight, and it is even inseparable from the help of lasers. Laser marking brand logos and cartoon characters is conducive to expanding brand influence and effectively protecting original intellectual property rights.


Laser Cutting Toy Materials
As a representative of the sales leader in the toy industry, plush dolls have already met production requirements through laser cutting machines. The laser cutting edge is clean and free of burrs, and with the camera positioning and automatic feeding system, it can realize the automatic processing of the assembly line. In addition, the laser cutting machine can also process children’s building blocks, model airplanes, puzzles, construction toys, etc.


Laser Customized Stationery
The laser marking machine can mark various materials such as stationery boxes, pencils, pens, rulers, notebooks, writing boards and staplers. A stationery marked with names and words of encouragement brings children a warm experience to welcome the arrival of the new semester.

Laser processing not only protects the legitimate rights and interests of merchants, but also customizes exclusive toys and learning tools for children, sending them full blessings and encouragement. In the context of the development of the new era, the growth of children not only requires learning textbook knowledge, but also needs to stimulate a wide range of interests through games or play, establish correct aspirations, and develop in an all-round way. Happy holidays to children!


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