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As we all know, laser marking is a non-contact marking method, which can complete the surface marking without affecting the function of the product, and is widely used in metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, leather and other materials. At present, there are many types of laser marking machines with different appearances and configurations on the market. For manufacturers, improving production efficiency and product quality has become a more core competitiveness.

Based on customer needs, Mactron is committed to creating industry-specific laser equipment that meets customer needs and shows more advantages in market competition. The following is an example of the recently produced MT-F series microphone laser marking machine.



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High Automation Level
The microphone laser marking machine is equipped with a multi-axis rotating device, which can not only set the rotation direction and speed of the fixture to realize automatic rotation; it also solves the problem of fixed-point marking and focusing at different positions. The operator can get started quickly, the entire production process tends to be more automatic, and can complete large-scale marking tasks in a short time. Compared with traditional processing methods, the production efficiency is doubled.

Strong Application Compatibility
In order to better meet the diverse marking needs, this microphone laser marking machine can be compatible with more than 6 specifications and models, and the product application scope is further expanded, which is an advantageous condition for businesses to transform production methods and improve market competitiveness. In addition, Mactron can also provide laser processing solutions for audio, mobile phones, cameras, computers and many other electronic products according to demand.

European Laser Safety Operating Standards
The microphone laser marking machine complies with European laser equipment standards. The appearance design adheres to the concept of people-oriented. It adopts Germany Siemens electronic system, safety induction electronic door and intelligent alarm system, which meets European laser safety operation standards and conforms to ISO9001 and CE products and quality management. The system requirements effectively guarantee the operation safety and product quality.

Save Production Costs
In order to control costs in the short term, some businesses will choose outsourced processing to complete the laser marking production process, but for businesses with stable production needs, it is particularly critical to build a complete production line, control product quality and processing costs. From a long-term perspective, the microphone laser marking machine has the advantages of long life, easy operation, and low average processing cost.
Microphone laser marking is not only an effective channel for merchants to expose brands and trace products, but also a powerful proof to show customers details and craftsmanship. Mactron strives to provide more professional and sophisticated automated laser solutions for more enterprises.

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