How to choose the shielding gas for laser welding machine?

Laser welding machine is a commonly used machine in the field of metal processing. With the gradual maturity of laser welding technology, the industry’s requirements for processing effects are becoming more and more stringent. In the process of processing, many manufacturers are more concerned about how to better utilize the value of laser welding and make products with a beautiful appearance and high quality.
The main principle of laser welding is to set the shape after heating and melting. To ensure the welding effect, the operator will use Shielding gas. Next, we will introduce you how to choose the shielding gas of the laser welding machine from two aspects.

Why use shielding gas?Shielding gas plays an indispensable role in the laser welding process. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. Protect the focusing lens
Laser welding uses high-power lasers, which will generate smoke, vapor, dust and spatter during welding. If using shielding gas, the focusing lens can be effectively protected from contamination and splashing, reducing consumption.
2. Improve laser utilization
It can effectively prevent too much plasma generated in the welding process, consume the laser beam, block the laser from reaching the surface of the material, make the penetration shallower and the molten pool wider, and affect the welding effect.
3. Avoid oxidation
During the welding process, we recommend that the system be set to emit the shielding gas first, and then start the light-emitting process, which can avoid surface oxidation during continuous operation and protect the effect of the molten pool.
4. Protect the copper nozzle
The use of gas can reduce the temperature of the welding torch to a certain extent, play a heat dissipation effect on the copper nozzle, and prolong the service life.
5. Reduce splash
Improve the stability of welding seam forming, reduce excessive spatter, and ensure a good welding effect.

How to choose a suitable shielding gas?

In the laser welding process, factors such as shielding gas type, airflow size, and blowing angle have a great influence on the welding quality. And now, Mactron has made a reference guide on how to choose a suitable protective gas for everyone!

At present, argon is the most widely used in processing cases.Due to the different types and uses of the shielding gas, we suggest that the appropriate shielding gas can be selected according to factors such as welding performance, solder joint effect, and production cost. Strive to play a greater role of laser welding machine.


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Compared with traditional welding methods, laser welding has the advantages of simple operation, wide processing range and low maintenance cost, and breaks through the limitations of workpiece shape and processing environment. It is a very cost-effective laser processing equipment. To meet the needs of different application scenarios, Mactron has created a full range of laser welding equipment, including handheld laser welding machines, automatic laser welding machines, robotic laser welding machines, CW/QCW laser welding machines, jewelry laser welding machines, etc. It can be adapted to different materials for targeted operations, with a high degree of refined application.


Reminder: During the processing, it is recommended to wear protective masks or dust masks to maintain ventilation, avoid excessive inhalation of dust, metal particles and inert protective gases, and pay attention to operational safety.

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