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Application of Laser Technology in Kitchenware Industry

People depend on food, and kitchen utensils are indispensable daily necessities in our lives and a symbol of a better life. With the continuous improvement of national living standards, people have put forward higher requirements for the functionality, aesthetics, durability and other aspects of kitchen utensils. In order to better adapt to the life philosophy of customers, many kitchenware manufacturers continue to explore new production processes and upgrade processing equipment. Laser equipment, as a processing tool in the new [...]

Laser Processing Brass & Copper with Mactron’s Laser

Brass is mainly composed of trace metal elements such as copper and zinc. It has strong ductility and wear resistance, high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and is often used in industries, jewelry, household and high-tech applications. We can see brass products everywhere in our daily life, such as brass valves, brass water pipes, brass gaskets, brass lamps, circuit boards, precision clocks, house plates, necklaces, commemorative coins, bookmarks, musical instruments, etc. Both brass and copper are highly reflective metal materials [...]

What should I do if the laser welding aluminum alloy fails?

Aluminum and aluminum alloys are widely used in the fields of construction, transportation, automobile, electronics, packaging and aerospace due to their light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. With the development of technology, aluminum alloy welding process has been improved. At present, laser welding is a welding technology commonly used in the market, it has the advantages of concentrated high-power heat source, small heat-affected zone, less deformation, energy saving and consumption reduction. In the daily welding process, due to the [...]