Laser Customized Creative Night Light-Mother’s Day

On the special day, customize a creative night light, like the bright moon at night, with a special artistic conception and charm. Express gratitude with a gift that warms Mom’s heart.

Laser Customized Creative Night Light

The creative night light is made of acrylic board and wooden base. Acrylic and wood have a wide range of applications. They are often used in signs, gifts, daily necessities, advertisements or artwork design. Use laser equipment to mark permanent, clear and exquisite marks on materials, which are popular among merchants and the public.

We can choose acrylic material with high light transmittance, and use co2 laser cutting machine to cut out a heart-shaped acrylic plate with smooth and clean edges. Then, we continue to use the laser marking machine to engrave love patterns and gratitude texts. In addition, the co2 laser cutting machine can also complete exquisite marking on the acrylic surface.


The wooden lamp base is generally made of high-quality oak or beech, and we use the 3D laser marking machine to engrave grateful words on the curved wood, which is full of retro feeling when placed on the bedside table. While keeping Mom happy. The 3D laser marking machine adopts imported core components, equipped with high-precision 3D galvanometer scanner and special software, which effectively guarantees the consistency and aesthetics of the curved surface engraving effect.

Turn on the light, the warm light passes through the transparent acrylic material, the engraved patterns and characters appear clearly in front of your eyes, full of atmosphere, and a high-value artistic gift is finished!

Acrylic, wood, glass, crystal, and bamboo can be processed by laser equipment. Laser cutting machines and laser marking machines can not only process complex designs and patterns, but also easily produce popular products with a variety of shapes, which effectively improves the plasticity of materials and brings more business opportunities to manufacturers.

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