Laser Customize Father’s Day Gift

If our life was a movie
Father is the best supporting actor
Accompany us in obscurity
Witness important moments in our lives
Guide us on the journey of growth
Those important moments
He never seems to be absent

Father, like a teacher and friend in life, accompanies the child to grow up, and is the hero in the child’s heart. Leather bags and belts are essential accessories in father’s daily life, customizing a leather bag or belt for Dad will be a precious memory with warmth and a surprise. The laser breaks through the traditional leather processing technology and marks different texture patterns on the leather surface to create an exclusive Father’s Day gift.

Laser Marking Leather Bags(Wallets)


Laser Engraving Leather Belt

Lasers can process leather in a variety of ways, including marking, engraving, hollowing, drilling, cutting, etc. Mactron’s laser equipment has various functions and wide range of applications to meet various processing needs, It can engrave fine patterns and cut complex shapes, and the processing is fast and efficient, which can effectively save labor and material costs.
To all the fathers in the world, Happy Father’s Day!

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