Laser Cutting Machine with Auto CCD Positioning Function

Laser Cutting Machine with Auto CCD Positioning Function

This Laser Cutting Machine is with co2 laser tube.

This Laser Cutter adopts CCD camera positioning automatically.

With high cutting speed, high precision, well cutting effect.

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This type Laser Cutting Machine is with co2 glass laser tube, and RF metal co2 laser tube is optional.

This type Laser Cutter adopts CCD camera positioning automatically, high cutting speed, high precision, well-cutting effect.

In order to meet the demands of abnormal and irregular type processing, this laser cutting machine uses DSP technology and worldwide outstanding CCD automatic pickup positioning figure identification system and large size visual identity system, automatic positioning cutting, the maximum cutting area is up to 1800*1300MM.


Here let’s take a look at a video of laser cutting fabric pieces by the Auto CCD camera positioning laser cutting machine.


Model Processing Area Laser Power
MT-9060C 900*600MM  


( Optional )

MT-1080C 1000*800MM
MT-1280C/V 1200*800MM
MT-1390C/V 1300*900MM
MT-1610V 1600*1000MM
MT-1813V 1800X1300MM
C = CCD Camera, V = Visual Identity System, Customized Specification is Available


Laser Type Co2 Glass Laser Tube (RF Metal Co2 Laser Tube Optional)
Wavelength 10.6um
Visual Identity System 2000W Pixel SLR Camera or HD Projector
CCD Resolution Ratio 3,200,000 pixels
Focusing Method Automatic Adjust Focus Distance
Cutting Speed 0-36000MM/Min
Engraving Speed 0-64000MM/Min
Focal Length 38.1, 50.8, 63.5, 76.2, 101.6MM
Location Precision ±0.015MM
Min. Line Width 0.15-0.3MM
Cooling Mode Water Cooling and Protection System
Controlling System DSP High Speed Controller
Graphic Formats Supported PLT, DST, AI, DXF, BMP, JPG, CAD, CDR, DWG
Power Source AC 110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Working Temperature 0-40 ℃
Working Humidity 5%-85%(No Condensation)
Working Environment Clean, Free of Dust
Gross Power < 1250W
Safety Protection Class Ip54
Laser Generator Safety Class

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