How to solve the problem of laser cutting failure?

The laser cutting machine can produce exquisite objects through its own energy. But long-term use of the cutting machine will cause failures.

Through the video, we can see that the cutting machine failed to cut the material during the operation.Next, we solve the problem in turn.


1、Adjust software parameters

1. Adjust the control panel
2. Adjust RDWorks cutting software
We can adjust the parameters of the machine through the control panel and RDWorks cutting software .

2、Check lens

At the same time, Stain on the reflective lens will cause the reflectance to drop, If there are stains, you need to wipe them with a clean soft cloth and alcohol.

3、Check laser light path
The light path will also affect the cutting effect. After wiping or replacing the lens, if the cutting is still not successful, you can check the light path to ensure that the light is correct.



4、Adjust the power of laser tube and power supply
If the material is too thick, after the speed has been reduced to 1, it still cannot be cut cleanly.We need to increase the power and replace the laser tube and power supply.Next, we can learn about the steps to replace the laser tube and power supply through the video.



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