How to ship and pack fiber laser marking machines?

Usually, when customer decide to buy a fiber laser marking machine or a bulk order laser marking machines, there are two shipping choices: one is by air shipping, one is by sea shipment. If customer buy a bulk order machines, the best choice is sea shipment, although air shipping is faster, but air shipping cost is much higher if the goods were in large volume and heavy weights.

finshed laser marking metal nameplate

How to laser mark nameplate on metal by Mopa fiber laser?

Nameplate is a common item that many places need to use. Like the direction board, seat card, product parameter nameplate, ect. How to make these nameplates? Screen Printing, CNC process, or laser marking & engraving. A Screen printing process need a screen mesh, and screen printing inks, and mainly is used for plastic case printing. CNC process need a CNS machine and mainly used for metal engraving. Laser marking & engraving machine need a laser marking machine, and it could [...]

what kind of laser machine is low cost laser marking machine

What kind of laser marking machine can be regard as low cost laser marking machine?

As we all know, the laser marking machine has three different kinds of laser sources, fiber laser source, co2 laser source, uv laser source. Then according to laser source type classification, we have three types of laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, and uv laser marking machine.


In order to make the laser machine work normally and increase of service life, please make more attention bellowing notice: 1.The laser equipment and related accessories can be turn on and operated after connected with earth wire safety. Strictly prohibit to put any materials which is reflective on the working table, avoid laser beam is shot to skins or other inflammable articles 2. The working environment of laser machine should be dry, taintless, no vibration, no heavy-current, and no strong magnetic etc. [...]

Why Power on but no movement for co2 laser cutting engraving machine?

The co2 laser cutting engraving machine is power on, why there is no movement for the machine? There may be several points we need to notice as below: 1. The laser cutting machine power is on, but the laser head does not move, and the LCD displays nothing: Please check if the fuse in the general power is burnt and if burnt, please repair. 2. The laser cutting machine power is on, LCD displays “Loading” at first, after that, it displays “Waiting”, [...]

Why no Laser Beam Output for Co2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine?

When running a co2 laser cutting engraving machine, why there is no laser beam output? The possible problems are as below: Check the water circulation: if the water circle is working well? If the water sensor is working? Check the power supply: it is working or not? Check the connecting “ signal ” cables with controller and laser power supply. Check the laser tube is damaged or not. Check the controller if it is not given out laser signal. Normally it is those reasons, for each different [...]


What is Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Fiber Laser Marking Machine, generally speaking, it is a kind of laser marking machine using the fiber laser, to mark on different kinds of materials permanently. There are principles to make the marks or signs on the surface of the material. The first principle is to evaporate the surface layer substance and shows the deeper layer substance. The second is to make the surface has a mark or sign through laser light energy that leads to a chemical-physical change [...]