How to laser engrave mark on thin metal?

To engrave, mark on thin metal is a technical work. But if we use some good tools, the work would become very easy.

There are several ways, CNC processing engraving, hand engraving, and laser engraving.

Here I would like to introduce and recommend the laser engraving method worked by a fiber laser engraving marking machine.

Whether it is a piece of thin stainless steel, thin aluminum, thin iron, thin copper or thin silver, it can be engraved by a fiber laser marking engraving machine. And through the computer software control and operation, we can easily control the depth of the engraving marking words or patterns on the thin metal.

Here are two of the videos of laser engraving on thin metal:

Mactron_Tech Laser (Youtube Subscribe address:)

And here are some links on our website of the metal engraved samples and laser marking engraving machine for information.

Laser Marking Engraving for Stainless Steel

Fiber Laser Marking Engraving Machines

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