Operation Procedure and Precautions of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Operation Procedure to Start Fiber Laser Marking Machine:

  1. Check the power cord of the laser marking machine, to make the connection correctly and reliably.
  2. Make sure the Emergency Button is pressed.
  3. Turn on the Power Switch.
  4. Turn on the Computer and start the software in sequence.
  5. Turn on the Emergency Button in a clockwise direction.
  6. Turn on the Galvo and Laser button in sequence.
  7. Remove the lens cover.

Above all, the machine is under working condition.

Operation Procedure to Shut Down Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  1. Turn off the Galvo and Laser button in sequence. Then press the Emergency button.
  2. Close down all the software, then power off the computer.
  3. Turn off the Power Switch.
  4. Cover the lens.

Precautions of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  1. Make sure the correct voltage and frequency.
  2. Strictly pay attention to the switch machine in sequence at any time. Turn on the computer, Galvo and Laser button in sequence, or it will cause damage due to the uncontrollable laser beam.
  3. Ensure that the diameter of the optical fiber laser wire is greater than 300mm in use or in transit. Seriously bending may break the fiber laser wire, or the fiber laser marking machine cannot work properly.
  4. Please find the focus length before start processing. Move the laser head up and down in continuous processing mode, stop when marking light intensity.
  5. Don’t Force shut down the computer while software still on.

Don’t  connect the Internet to upgrade the system automatically.

Make the machine computer tun on and off normally.  Otherwise, the software file is easy to be lost or damaged and the system cannot work.

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