Why no Laser Beam Output for Co2 Laser Cutting Engraving Machine?

When running a co2 laser cutting engraving machine, why there is no laser beam output? The possible problems are as below: Check the water circulation: if the water circle is working well? If the water sensor is working? Check the power supply: it is working or not? Check the connecting “ signal ” cables with controller and laser power supply. Check the laser tube is damaged or not. Check the controller if it is not given out laser signal. Normally it is those reasons, for each different [...]


What is Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Fiber Laser Marking Machine, generally speaking, it is a kind of laser marking machine using the fiber laser, to mark on different kinds of materials permanently. There are principles to make the marks or signs on the surface of the material. The first principle is to evaporate the surface layer substance and shows the deeper layer substance. The second is to make the surface has a mark or sign through laser light energy that leads to a chemical-physical change [...]