Can a Laser Machine Engrave or Cut on Foam or Silicone Rubber?

Regarding the subject, we must know about the material foam and silicone rubber. The foam consists mainly of polyurethane as well as additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. Brief, it consists mainly of polyurethane. The Silicone Rubber, of course, consists of silicone.

So the question is, Can a laser machine engrave or cut on foam or silicone rubber?

First, Let’s talk about foam, according to our memory, the foam is very light and not hard. So to laser engrave on foam are very hard. But for cutting foam, it is OK. But we need to make some test and careful operation, Usually, for a piece of foam sheet, the thickness can not to too thick, it’s better not exceed 10 cm thickness. And the laser cutting engraving machine’s power controlled around 100W ~ 150W would be good. The laser machine we can choose a Co2 laser cutting engraving machine.

Here below is a picture of two pieces foam cut by Mactron laser cutting engraving for information:


Laser Cutting Foam by Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Foam by Co2 Laser Cutting Machine


Then talking about the Silicone rubber, to laser engrave mark or laser cut on silicone rubber is no problem. As Silicone rubber has some density and hardness, not so light and loose like foam. So it is better to control and do the laser engraving marking or laser cutting on silicone rubber.

But for silicone rubber, it is better to do laser engraving marking work. Both a Co2 laser engraving marking machine and a UV laser engraving marking machine is ok to do the work.

About laser cutting on silicone rubber, there may cause some burning at the edge and make silicone rubber look not nice.  So we suggest using the traditional ways cutting the silicone rubber.

Here below is a laser marking engraving video display on the silicone rubber wristbands for reference.

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