How to solve the panel cannot read the U disk?

The panel of the laser cutting machine is like a computer, controlling the operation of the machine.  When we connected the USB flash drive to the panel, we found that there was no response and the contents of the USB flash drive could not be read. First, we need to check whether the connection port is loose and whether there is dust in the U disk interface. If there is no problem in the above aspects, we can start with the panel and the U disk to troubleshoot and solve the problem in turn.


The common causes of failure are as follows:
 1. Insufficient memory panel 
 2. Too many files stored in the U disk
 3. The USB flash drive has been poisoned

The technical knowledge of cutting machine is profound, we need to understand and learn step by step. If you are still in doubt during the use of the machine, you can leave a message or call +86-769-26384404, we will be happy to help you! 

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