【MACTRON CLASSROOM】How To Correct Parameters Of Cutting Machine?

In the process of cutting, workpiece surface is heated to vaporization temperature quickly by focused laser beams, forming High pressure steam and spraying outward at supersonic speeds. When high-pressure vapors spray outward, the melted materials are blown away in the kerf till the workpiece is finally cut. The laser cutting machine equipped with CCD vision positioning system is not only suitable for various materials and objects, but also can realize automatic positioning and precise cutting operation.


The parameters is a necessary condition for the precision cutting of the cutting machine, play an important role in cutting effect and quality. The accurate parameters can achieve high-quality cutting. Next, we will learn the steps to correct the CCD parameters of the cutting machine.


  • Adjust the Brightness
  • Cut Cross
  • Dot Correction
  • Redo Cut Cross
  • Check Effect



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