Translucent Plate Laser Marking Machine

Translucent Plate Laser Marking Machine

This laser marking machine adopts imported core components, it is equipped with high-speed, high precision 3D galvo scanner, and our self-developed 3D specified software and control system. These high-quality configurations ensure the system can make ultra-fine processing on any curved surface parts. 

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Imported semiconductor pumped solid laser generator,  with high electro-optical conversion efficiency and beam quality M2 < 1.2, which is suitable for processing translucent products and marking of high precision metal products. Excellent beam quality creates ultra-fine marking effect.

Model MT-3D-U MT-3D-G MT-3D-C MT-3D-F
Laser Power UV Laser 3-15W Green Laser 3-50w Co2 Laser 10-80W   Fiber Laser 20-100W
Laser Type CO2 Lasers, Fiber Lasers, UV Lasers, Green Laser
Wavelength 10.6um/9.3um/1064nm/355nm/532nm
Processing Area 3D: 100*100*40MM, 200*200*80MM  (Optional)2D: 300*300MM, 400*400MM, 600*600MM (Optional)
3D = 3 Dimensional, U = UV Lasers, G=Green Laser, C = Co2 Lasers, F = Fiber Lasers   Customized Specification is Available
Frequency Range 20-200Khz
Laser Source Lifetime ≤100000h
Etching Speed <8000MM/S
Repetition Precision ±0.01MM
Min. Line Width 0.001MM
Working Style XYZ 3D System
Cooling Mode Air,Water Cooling
Graphic Formats Supported PLT, DST, AI, DXF, BMP, JPG, CAD, CDR, DWG
Power Source AC 110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Work Environment Temp: 10~40 ℃,Humidity : 5 ~80 %,Clean, Less Dust


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