Mactron Tech’s Weekend Party at Suburb Farm House

Nowadays, people more and more like to have leisure time at the suburb and rural area. So Mactron Tech Team decided to go to a suburban farm house to have a party together last weekend.

The farm house have cooker that private restaurant service, and also have self cook choice. We decide to self cook by ourselves. That would have more fun.

Let’s see some pictures of us at the farm house.

After we arraived at the farm house, and got off cars, Sunsa didn’t wait to sit on a hammock.

Some colleagues were washing and cleaning fruits for all of us.

Look at the washed clean fruits.

Some colleagues were starting to sit on the chairs along the pool side, ate friuts,  playing games.

Two colleagues were palying Chines chess, others were watching and eating friuts.

Some colleagues were picking up some vegetables for later Dinner food.

Children were  playing at hammock.

Children were  playing at pool side.

Some colleagues were  preparing the food for cooking.

After some rest and play, we started to prepare cook for dinner by ourselives.

We also took a pictures of our mactron tech team :).

Mactron Team Weekend Party at Farm House
Mactron Team Weekend Party at Farm House (16)

Look at the Chiness food we cooked.

After all the Chinese food are prepared well, we start to have dinner together :).

There are more photos and details about this weekend party in our blogger site, if interested, you may visit our blogspot article here:

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