Differences Between Fiber Laser Marking Machine and Co2 Laser Marking Machine

If you are in the laser marking machine circles, you may know the most two high performance and low-cost ratio types are fiber laser marking machine and co2 fiber laser marking machine. But not all people know their differences, unique features and advantages and disadvantages.

Now we will talk about some of their principles, performance, application industry, application materials and compare their differences.

1. Working Principle

(1) Fiber laser marking machine: its core principle is that it mainly use a fiber laser source, the wavelength is 1064nm. With high photoelectric rate and less than 500w consumes electricity, the fiber laser marking machine is good stability, saving energy and high speed and long lifetime laser source around 100000 hours.

(2) Co2 fiber laser marking machine: it principle is that it uses a gas laser source with 10.64μm infrared wavelength, the active laser medium is a gas discharge which is air- or water-cooled, depending on the power being applied. It let the gas molecules release the laser and form the laser beam to process the nonmetal materials by magnifying the laser. The laser makes the processed material surface sissified and form a marking engraving effect.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine Desktop Style

2. Features and advantages

(1) Fiber laser marking machine:

A) with high electronic-to-optical efficiency, the full fiber machine system’s power consumption is less than 500 watts.

B) with smaller size, compared to other types of laser marking machine. Easy to move, portable and flexible for use.

C) High-quality laser beam.

D) Low cost to own one.

(2) Co2 laser marking machine:

A) with high-speed marking, could fulfill the bulk and production line marking needs.

B) With high power configuration, besides marking, also could engrave and cut on nonmetal materials.

C) Could mark the larger object with big sizes.

D) Longer lifespan, although fiber laser marking machine is very long could be 100,000 hours, the RF co2 laser marking machine’s lifetime is even longer, can be 200,000 – 300,000 hours.

Co2 Fiber Laser Marking Machine Big One

3. Application Materials and Application Industry

(1) Fiber Laser Marking Machine:

A) Application Materials: Fiber laser marking machine can be used for marking metal and nonmetal materials. For example, high hardness alloy; aluminum oxide; materials surface with plating , coating, ABS, epoxy resins, and ink; plastic etc.

B) Application industry: Nearly all industries can be used with fiber laser marking machine, we will list some of commonly used items here. For example, plastic transparent buttons, IC chips, digital product surface printing, Precision Machinery marking and engraving, jewelry marking, sanitary equipment marking, ruler and knife marking, clock and glasses, electric appliance, electronic parts, hardware and decorative parts, mobile phones cases, auto parts, plastic items, medical machinery, building construction etc.

(2) Co2 Laser Marking Machine:

A) Application Materials: mainly used for nonmetal materials marking. for example, paper, leather, fabric, and textile, acrylic glass, acrylic board, woolens, plastic, ceramics, crystal, jade, bamboo and wood etc.

B) Application industry: It can be widely used in the industry like consumer products, food and beverage’s packing, medical product’s packing, building ceramics, garment accessories, leather, textile engraving and cutting, arts and crafts, rubber, nonmetal nameplate, denim fabric, furniture etc.

4. Disadvantage

(1) Fiber Laser Marking Machine: It is excellent for marking small and medium items, but could not mark big volume items.

(2) Co2 Laser marking machine: It is very good for laser marking on nonmetal materials, but could not mark any kinds of metal materials.

Anyway, as a result of above comparison, we know the fiber laser marking machine and co2 laser marking machine’s features and differences. They have something in common, more or less, they both are laser marking machine. Also, they have some differences. According to your needs and application situation, hope these comparisons would help you to choose what kind of laser marking machine is suitable for you.


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