Our Industry Solution

Mactron Teach Laser Marking Application
Textile Garments Toy, Shoes and Luggage, Shoes and Luggage Laser Marking, Engraving etc.
Mactron Teach Laser Engraving Application
Advertisement, Craft and Gifts, Lighting Laser Marking Engraving etc.
Mactron Teach Laser Engraving
Metal Pipe, Precision Cabinet, Auto Spare Parts Laser Cutting Engraving Marking etc.
Mactron Tech Laser Cutting Application
Jewelry, Clocks, Glasses, Ornaments, Medical Apparatus and Instruments Laser Marking Engraving Cutting etc.
Mactron Teach Laser Cutting Engraving
Hardware, Plastic, Mold, Electric Apparatus, Appliance Kitchen Laser Marking Cutting etc.
Mactron Tech Custom Laser Machine Solution
Assembly Line Automatic Laser Marking, 3D Laser Cutting and Engraving, Individual Laser Processing etc.

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Dongguan Mactron Tech Team
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About Mactron Technology.

Dongguan Mactron Technology Co., Ltd is a Professional Hi-Tech Manufacturer of Laser Machine System Equipment. Mactron Tech is Specializing in R&D and Manufacturing Laser Marking System, Laser Cutting Engraving Machine, Laser Welding Equipment, Laser Light and Laser Accessories etc.

Mactron scopes of supply include:

Fiber Laser Marking Machine, CO2 Laser Marking Machine, UV Laser Marking Machine, Online Laser Marking Machine, Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine, Laser Welding Machine, Specialized Laser Equipment, Customized Laser System and laser accessories etc.

Mactron’s business tenet: “Win the market with advanced technology, Redound upon customer with the best service”