Why should I choose the laser cleaning machine?

In the field of traditional industrial manufacturing, in order to remove pollutants such as rust, paint, coating, grease and residual solvents on the surface of industrial products, Manufacturers mostly use mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, but these three cleaning methods will produce different levels of pollutants and noise, which cannot guarantee the quality and safety of the production process, and the scope of application is limited.

Laser cleaning, as a non-contact green cleaning technology, uses high-energy laser beams to remove the attachments on the surface of the substrate, so as to achieve the effect of surface cleaning. At present, the mainstream laser cleaning machines in the market are divided into two types: pulse laser cleaning machines and continuous laser cleaning machines, both of which can clean surface dirt. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning has the characteristics of no pollution, high efficiency, good cleaning effect, no damage to substrates, and low maintenance costs. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, track construction, shipbuilding, cultural relics restoration and other fields.

Video of 200w  pulsed laser cleaning machine


Advantages of laser cleaning machine
1. Green and environmental protection
Laser cleaning does not require chemical reagents, solvents and water, and the entire cleaning process does not generate any waste water and liquid, with low cleaning costs, energy saving and environmental protection. The fine particles and gases generated during the cleaning process can be processed by the exhaust fan, effectively avoiding environmental pollution problems.
2. Easy to operate
The laser cleaning machine is easy to operate and move, it can selectively clean areas at fixed points. The non-contact processing mode effectively solves the problem of difficult cleaning of corners. Mactron Laser Cleaning Machine series has various styles and models. The portable model weighs only 26 kg and can be used for mobile operations to meet the processing needs of different application scenarios.

3. No damage base material
The laser cleaning machine only removes surface pollutants, and will not affect or change the internal structure and performance of the substrate, effectively avoids the physical damage caused by traditional cleaning methods and ensures cleaning quality.
4. Easy to automate
In different processing scenarios, laser cleaning machines can be combined with automation equipment or robots to achieve intelligent integrated control, and have outstanding advantages such as high efficiency, high quality, and high stability. Mactron robot laser cleaning machine adopts modular professional design concept, which integrates industrial-grade laser head, lightweight six-axis linkage mechanical arm and special workbench. In large-scale production, a robot laser cleaning machine can replace 2-4 workers, which can effectively control cleaning efficiency and defect rate, and reduce labor costs and resource waste.
5. Low operating cost
Mactron laser equipment follows the standardized production process and strict quality inspection standards in the manufacturing process, and the quality is stable and reliable. The laser cleaning machine can be used directly after being connected to the power supply, and the whole machine has no wearing parts, only need to clean or replace the protective lens regularly in the later stage, which can greatly reduce the operating cost.

Video of 60w laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning technology has a wide range of applications and is highly targeted. It is suitable for rust removal of metal molds, paint peeling, removal of oxide layer, pretreatment of parts before painting, cleaning of aviation parts and restoration of cultural relics, etc. How to choose a suitable laser cleaning machine, we suggest choosing from two aspects. First, according to application scenarios, the continuous laser cleaning machine is mainly used for large-scale rust removal and paint removal; the pulse laser cleaning machine can clean rust, paint, oxide layer and other attachments without damage to the substrate. It is suitable for cleaning precision small workpieces and products with high requirements on the surface of materials. Second, according to the processing requirements, the higher the power of the laser cleaning machine of the same model, the better the cleaning effect.


The large-scale application of laser processing technology has significantly changed the development of industry and promoted the transformation and upgrading of many enterprises. Mactron keeps up with the pace of industrial transformation, implements the development concept of green and environmental protection, actively promotes the application of laser cleaning technology in the industrial field, helps enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and obtains a double harvest of economic and environmental benefits.

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