What is mopa color laser marking machine?

In the field of laser processing, the most common processing effect is to mark white, black or gray marks on the surface of objects. In recent years, with the growth of new demands, the process of laser marking has been continuously innovated and upgraded, and the color laser marking machine has gradually become well known to the public.


Mactron color laser marking machine adopts MOPA laser with high beam quality. It is often used for general marking, marking color on stainless steel and marking black on alumina, as well as high contrast marking of metal materials such as steel, titanium and nickel alloys. It is widely used in medical , automotive, food, packaging and other fields. In addition, the MOPA laser marking machine also has certain advantages in laser paint removal and part of plastic marking.


In order to meet the needs of the market, the new generation of color laser marking machines has strong flexibility in adjusting laser parameters, and its energy, duration and frequency can be independently adjusted. The operator can control the laser through software to form oxides of different colors on the stainless steel surface , and mark various color effects. Now, let’s watch the laser marking color on metal materials together!



MOPA laser marking machine has exquisite marking effect, it can greatly increase the added value of laser application products and improve the market competitiveness of application products. At the same time, it brings more application space for the laser, and the future development of the laser industry is still expected. If you are interested in MOPA color laser marking machine, you can contact us or send an email to [email protected].


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