The New Technology Application Of The Medical Industry–Laser

At present, Chinese anti-epidemic prevention and control operations have won periodic victories, but supplies of masks, protective clothing and other materials are still in short supply. The demand of special production equipment for protective products are increased quickly , and manufacturers all over the country are responding to the call of the country to put into production. Laser equipment, as a representative of the new era of automated production, is suitable for medical apparatus and instruments device, medical products, infrastructure, rehabilitation items, implants, etc., playing an important role in the anti-epidemic action.


Laser Cutting

The construction and use of wuhan Huoshenshan hospital reflects that the science and technology promoted the accelerated development of industry. The mass production of multi-type masks also reflects that the level of automatic production has been gradually improved. The laser cutting machine has the advantages of high efficiency, high quality, precision and environmental protection, it is wildly used in metal, non-woven cloth, plastic and other materials .


Laser Welding

The laser welding is applied for the production process of the metal frame , stainless steel bathroom , medical equipment and other items , compared with the traditional welding, laser welding has the characteristics of fast speed, high flexibility, small heat affected area. In terms of medical apparatus and instruments, the width of laser weld can achieve micron level, which can greatly improve the production level of medical apparatus and instruments.


Laser Marking

During the epidemic, the shortage of masks supplies creates a great business opportunities. Some illegal units products low quality fake masks, disturbs the market order, harms the rights and interests of consumers. The laser marking machine has the advantages of permanence and accuracy, which makes the security mark for good masks.

In addition, laser marking machine is widely used in medicine packaging, medical apparatus and instruments and other aspects. It can not only anti-fake, but also can trace the flow of goods and materials, to ensure the safety of goods and materials. The lines, lamps, tables, chairs, air conditioners, pipes and other infrastructure of the hospital’s internal decoration are all marked by laser.


Recommended model


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