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Mactron Tech Laser Team Climb Dongguan Highest Yinpin Mountain

Last Weekend, Mactron Tech Laser Team was planning a traveling active to climb the highest mountain in Dongguan city, the Yinpin Mountain. Here, some of us gathered together very early at 7:00 and started to drive to the foot of Mountain. mactron tech laser team were going climbing the mountain When we arrived at the bottom of the mountain, we started to climb the mountain along the mountain road. mactron tech laser climbing on the mountain mactron tech laser climb on the mountain road mactron [...]

Mactron Tech Team Summer Holiday Travelling Tour on Double Moon Bay on Huizhou Peninsula

Last Week, Mactron Tech’s all team colleagues went Double Moon Bay on Huizhou Peninsula for a two days Holiday Tour. It is really a very wonderful travelling. In the first day afternoon, we arrived in the destination, After a few moments rest, we went the beach to start the barbecue. As you can see, all staff looks very happy with the barbecue, and we discover some of the barbecue masters colleague that we didn’t know before. And it makes us taste very [...]