Prospects for precision laser equipment

Looking back on the development of laser technology in recent years, the development of lasers in metal marking, cutting and welding of large parts is relatively mature. However, the application scale of precision laser manufacturing is relatively lagging. The more important reason is that the former is rough processing and precision laser processing accuracy , The customization requirements are high, the process development is difficult, and the cycle is long. At present, laser precision processing mainly focuses on consumer electronics, and smartphones are the main ones. In the past two years, the application of laser cutting on screens and OLED panels has also attracted much attention.


In the next ten years, semiconductors will become the most important industry in my country, and semiconductor material processing may become a strong driving force for the explosion of laser micromachining. In the future artificial intelligence, 5G, and the semiconductor industry strongly supported by the state, laser precision processing will inevitably have greater demand.


In order to adapt to the development trend of domestic precision laser manufacturing and the expected market demand, MACTRON launched a precision laser cutting machine, which is suitable for diversified application scenarios such as glasses and electronics, and provides the stability of precision laser processing such as semiconductor materials and consumer electronic components. Provided protection. It can meet the precision cutting solutions required by low, medium and high wattage laser equipment.

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