QCW Pulse Laser Welding Machine

The QCW pulse laser welding machine has two working modes: continuous and pulsed, which can quickly switch the optical path and realize high-speed splitting.

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Compared with traditional welding machines, the unique high energy stability of MT-W-QCW series welding machines聽determines that it has high-quality energy output. Two welding methods of pulse & high frequency modulation support more delicate welding process. This series of fiber cores has a wide selection range, and can be matched with appropriate configurations according to different materials and welding requirements, which can meet the processing requirements of high-speed welding and greatly improve the processing speed and production efficiency.


Advantages of聽QCW Pulse Laser Welding Machine

  • Space saving but as well as industrial design.
  • Two Work Modes锛欳ontinuous and Pulse
  • Extremely Stable Output Performance
  • Excellent Light Beam Quality
  • QBH Output Connector and Optional Output Length


The QCW pulse laser welding machine has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, its power consumption is almost 1/10 of that of traditional laser welding equipment, low operating cost, low energy consumption, and free maintenance.

Max. Power60W100W150W
Max. Pulse Energy6J10J15J
Max. Pulse Power600w1000w1500w
Pulse Width0.02-50ms
Working ModePulse / Modulation
Beam Split Working ModeEnergy Split / Time Split
Position methodRed pointer ( CCD position is optional )
Cooling MethodAir cooling
Machine consumption250W500W650W
VoltageAC 220V , 50/60Hz
Working Temperature-10 鈩 - 40 鈩

QCW pulse laser welding machine is mainly used for welding of 3C precision devices, medical endoscopes , mobile phone such as antenna , precision motors, 聽battery pole pieces, etc., and can be used for fine cutting of metal and non-metal. The application involves optical communications, dentistry 聽, electronics, batteries, medical instruments, 聽and other fields.


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