QCW Pulse Laser Welding Machine

The QCW pulse laser welding machine has two working modes: continuous and pulsed, which can quickly switch the optical path and realize high-speed splitting.

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Compared with traditional welding machines, the unique high energy stability of MT-W-QCW series welding machines determines that it has high-quality energy output. Two welding methods of pulse & high frequency modulation support more delicate welding process. This series of fiber cores has a wide selection range, and can be matched with appropriate configurations according to different materials and welding requirements, which can meet the processing requirements of high-speed welding and greatly improve the processing speed and production efficiency.


Advantages of QCW Pulse Laser Welding Machine

  • Space saving but as well as industrial design.
  • Two Work Modes:Continuous and Pulse
  • Extremely Stable Output Performance
  • Excellent Light Beam Quality
  • QBH Output Connector and Optional Output Length


The QCW pulse laser welding machine has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, its power consumption is almost 1/10 of that of traditional laser welding equipment, low operating cost, low energy consumption, and free maintenance.

Wavelength 1080nm
Max. Power 60W 100W 150W
Max. Pulse Energy 6J 10J 15J
Max. Pulse Power 600w 1000w 1500w
Pulse Width 0.02-50ms
Working Mode Pulse / Modulation
Beam Split Working Mode Energy Split / Time Split
Position method Red pointer ( CCD position is optional )
Cooling Method Air cooling
Machine consumption 250W 500W 650W
Voltage AC 220V , 50/60Hz
Working Temperature -10 ℃ - 40 ℃

QCW pulse laser welding machine is mainly used for welding of 3C precision devices, medical endoscopes , mobile phone such as antenna , precision motors,  battery pole pieces, etc., and can be used for fine cutting of metal and non-metal. The application involves optical communications, dentistry  , electronics, batteries, medical instruments,  and other fields.


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