Fiber QCW laser welding machine

Fiber QCW Laser Welding Machine is equipped with integrated laser scanning control system, combined with the automatic production system, which can realize high-speed multi-channel welding.

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The fiber QCW laser welding machine has two working modes: continuous and pulsed, which can quickly switch the optical path and realize high-speed splitting. Its beam can be divided into two or one into four to realize simultaneous processing of multiple beams and multi-station processing, and each beam energy can reach the total energy 100% of this is equivalent to a host that can be used as multiple devices, which greatly saves costs and improves efficiency.


The machine has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, its power consumption is almost 1/10 of that of traditional laser welding equipment, low operating cost, low energy consumption, and free maintenance.


Laser TypeFiber
Laser ModeContinuous and pulsed
Continuous Average50W75W150w300w
Max.Pulse Power500W750W1500w3000w
Pulse Average Power50W75W150w300w
Max.Pulse Energy   5J7.5J15J30J
Beam Quality5mm*mrad
Pulse Repetition Frequency0Hz ≤ F ≤ 2500Hz
Min. Focus Spot Diameter0.1-0.4mm
Cooling ModeAir Cooling  
VoltageAC220V±10% 50V 60HZ
Fiber Diameter50um/100um/200um (Optional) 
Energy Stability<±1
Operating Temperature-10℃—40℃

Application Material:
It can meet the welding of a variety of metals, alloys, steel, Kovar, and other materials, as well as copper-nickel, nickel-titanium, copper-titanium, titanium-molybdenum, brass-copper, mild steel-copper and other dissimilar materials Welding between metals.


Application Industry:
It is mainly used for welding of 3C precision devices, medical endoscopes, precision motors of mobile phones, battery pole pieces, etc., as well as fine cutting of metals and non-metals. The scope of application involves optical communications, IT, electronics, batteries, instruments, hardware and other fields.



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