Product Tag - laser welding machine

  • Handheld Laser Welder

    The handheld laser welder is equipped with a double swing welding head with digital display function. It can freely switch a variety of spot modes, quickly cool the gun body, high durable and long lifetime.

  • Jewelry Laser Welder

    The machine adopts ergonomic design and is loaded with a high-definition microscope observation system and high-definition LED screen to ensure the beauty of the welding effect. It is widely uesed to fill holes in bracelets, stitch patterns on necklaces, and inlay claws on rings, etc.

  • Jewellery Laser Welding Machine

    Jewellery Laser Welding Machine is suitable for jewellery industry, it is adopts ergonomic design, equipped with special microscope observation system and high-speed electronic filter device that can protect operators’ eyes.