In order to make the laser machine work normally and increase of service life, please make more attention bellowing notice:
1.The laser equipment and related accessories can be turn on and operated after connected with earth wire safety. Strictly prohibit to put any materials which is reflective on the working table, avoid laser beam is shot to skins or other inflammable articles
2. The working environment of laser machine should be dry, taintless, no vibration, no heavy-current, and no strong magnetic etc. interference effect. The working temperature is 10-35°c, Humidity: 5% to 95 %( free of condensed water).
3. The laser equipment should be far away from other Electromagnetic interference sensitive equipment.
4. The laser source is air cooling, required working temperate from 10-35 °c ( 25 °c is the best).
5. Strictly forbid to bend the fiber cables, if necessary, please make sure the minimum bending diameter more than 20cm.
6. When an exception occurs, switch off laser power supply and scanner head before checking.
7. The laser equipment working power: AC 110V / 220V, 50Hz / 60Hz, gross power <500W. When the voltage is not stable or matched, strictly forbid to turn on the machine.

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