Metal Laser Marking Machines

The metal laser marking machine is a piece of equipment used to inscribe or engrave various types of markings on metal surfaces. This machine utilizes laser technology to deliver precise and permanent markings.

There are several types of these machines available in the market based on the laser type:

Fiber Laser Marking Machine: This is the most common type. It’s mainly used for marking on metal materials and non-metal materials( like ABS, plastics, rubber, epoxy resin, etc.). They’re known for their high speed and precision.

CO2 Laser Marking Machine: Ideal for marking non-metal materials and some metal material which involves a heat process.

UV Laser Marking Machine:  It is suitable for marking on the vast majority of metal and non-metal materials, especially for the high-end market of ultra-fine processing. Ideal for marking on glass, plastics, and other symbols as it causes no thermal damage.

Green Laser Marking Machine: These are mainly used for internal engraving and are suitable for marking metal and non-metal materials that are heat sensitive.

Laser Marking Metal is a process that uses a high-powered laser beam to create permanent, high-contrast markings on the surface of a metal material. This can include text, logos, bar codes, serial numbers, or other design elements.

Laser Marking Machines for Metal

  • 3D Laser Engraving Machine for Metal

    3D laser engraving machine is suitable for flat, curved surface, high and low surface, bevel, irregular surface metal and non-metal materials marking, such as PVC, rubber, plastic, wood products, iron, stainless steel, aluminum magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, copper, nickel plating, aluminum oxide, gold, silver high reflective materials, etc.

  • UV Laser Marking Machine

    The machine adopts high quality and imported UV laser generator.The ultra-small focusing spot of 355nm UV light doesn’t break the surface of glass.There is no heating effects when marking and Engraving,so it would not deform the wafer.
  • Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Autofocus System

    The machine equipped with an autofocus system, which can set the correct focal length by automatic lifting, which is more intelligent and efficient than ordinary models.

  • Portable Co2 Laser Marking Machine

    The machine is widely used in leather, food, beverage, cloth, electronic, meter, communication instruments, package and other industries, can be combined with streamline for online marking.

  • MOPA Laser Marking Machine for Aluminum

    MOPA fiber laser laser marking machine is a suitable equipment for high-end electronic products. It is mainly used to mark black or white on anodized aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and plastic electroplating products without damaging the surface, it also mark colors on stainless steel.

  • Handheld Laser Marking Machine for Rubber Tyres

    The handheld laser marking machine is highly flexible and can mark numbers, characters, codes, QR codes, model numbers, brands, etc.

  • 2.5D fiber laser marking machine

    2.5D fiber laser marking machine is an upgraded system based on 2D laser, using special marking software for laser marking to perform a deep marking on the surface of metal material to achieve a relief or deep engraving effect.

  • Portable laser marking machine with safety cover

    The safety cover can be disassembled at will, When you remove it, you can install the safety cover on another portable marking machine and continue to use it.

Types of Laser Marking Metal Technology

Laser Annealing

In this process, the heat generated by the laser creates an oxide layer on the metal surface, creating a color change without damaging the surface finish.

Laser Engraving

In this process, the laser beam physically removes part of the material to create depth. This marking effect can be created in almost all materials.

Laser Etching

It is a process that creates marks on parts and products by melting their surface, causing the surface of the material melts and expands.

Color Laser Marking

It is a process that works by regulating the laser’s refraction index, forming a transparent or semi-transparent oxide film. The colors vary based on the type of material being processed.

Application of Metal Laser Marking Machine

Metal Laser Marking Machines have the advantages of precision, permanence, and resistance to wear and tear, they are often used in the medical field (for surgical tools and implants), automotive (for part identification), jewelry (for personalization or branding) , hardware tools and mechanical accessories and other industries.

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