Laser unlock the new Halloween games, are you ready?

Dear friends! The annual Halloween Carnival is coming! In the era of cultural integration, Halloween is becoming more and more popular among young Chinese. Are you ready for the Halloween costume party?


2020 Halloween Game Guide

Laser cut pumpkin jacket

The pumpkin jacket uses laser technology to cut non-woven fabrics to create a realistic orange pumpkin shape, with a green pumpkin leaf neckline, the shape is classic, cute and vivid. If you put it on, you will instantly transform into a cute little “pumpkin”, adding a strong festive atmosphere.


Laser cut pumpkin tote bag

The laser cutting machine is not only accurate and fast, but also compatible with files of different formats, cutting out different patterns. By stitching and combining the laser-cut patterns, you will harvest a complete pumpkin tote bag. Fill them with candies and toys on Halloween!


Laser cut headwear

Headwear is an indispensable decoration for Halloween’s ever-changing shapes. The high-speed, high-efficiency laser cutting process can produce various styles of headbands, such as devil’s wings, fisherman hats, horns and bats.

Dressing up in costumes is one of the most popular Halloween customs (wear special clothing, masks, glasses or jack-o’-lantern, decorative stickers ). These decorations can be made using laser technology. The carnival time is coming, let’s just have great fun in the name of Halloween!

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