Laser Marking Definition

Laser Marking, as it means, it is a kind of technology that uses a laser to mark on a subject. It some likes laser engraving, but not engraving very deep, just engraving a very tiny layer on the subject, that this layer can be neglected.

Laser marking is more likes traditional printing, but the principle is totally different. The laser marking is to remove a very slight layer on the surface of a subject by laser energy. The printing is to add a very slight layer with various kinds of inks on the surface of the subject, whether it is screen printing or digital inkjet printing.

If we adjust some parameters, for example, increase the marking loops, add marking speed a little bit, lower the marking frequency, and increase marking power percentage a little bit, the laser marking machine also could do some laser engraving work, even laser cutting for some thin flat-sheet materials.

General speaking, laser marking is a very kind excellent and environmental protection technology that is replacing the traditional printing in many industries and fields.

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