Laser Marking Application In Various Industries

Introduction: Laser marking, as a modern precision processing method, has unparalleled advantages compared with traditional processing methods such as printing, mechanical engraving, and EDM processing. Laser marking machine has the features of free maintenance, high flexibility, high reliability, it is especially suitable for high precision, high depth, high smoothness marking requirements, now laser marking is widely used in metal, ceramics, clothing, beer & food fields etc.

Laser Marking: “Catalyst” for metal and hardware

Laser marker is widely used in the metal industry, and the metal products can be processed by laser including iron, copper, stainless steel, gold, alloy, aluminum, silver and all kinds of metal oxides.

Laser marking machine can mark all kinds of text on metal products, including serial number, product number, barcode and QR code, production date, etc., and the time, date, serial number or product code number can be automatically marked by sequence numbers. The text and graphics marked by laser marking machine are not only clear, fine, and also can’t be erased or changed, that is great to ensure the quality of the product and channel tracking, and is more effective to prevent the expired product selling, and protect the brand products with anti-counterfeit laser marking.

The hardware products engraved or marked by laser marking machine is elegant, the minimum line width can be as thin as 0.04 mm, and the marking is permanent, beautiful and clear. Laser marking could satisfy marking huge amounts of information on very tiny and small metal products, it could print QR Codes with high clear and accurate requirements. Compared with the traditional embossing or inkjet printing, laser marking has powerful advantages in various industry application all over the world.

Laser Marking: The “artist” of ceramics

Ceramics has appeared as early as the ancient times of human civilization, it is becoming an indispensable part of our human civilization. Along with the human civilization development, ceramics deeply permeates in our daily life with a very high practicability and artistry. Nowadays, the laser marking is becoming applied in the ceramics processing, laser marking provides a high-efficiency machining solution for the present ceramic marking processing. With the fully digital laser engraving and unique laser die deep carved technology, with high stability, high precision, and easy operation features, laser marking helps to create more and more novel and new ceramic ware, that used in our life and in the art industry.

laser marking technology is able to meet the precise processing of ceramics with information such as number, text, and pattern of many kinds of, which makes it highly artistic and fashionable.

To Mark brand logos, batch number, date, or specific designs on ceramics, using the laser marking machine can achieve the perfect fine marking effect. And it will give ceramics different fashion charm. The marking also has good features of effect lasting, wear-resisting, no fading, clear, nice feeling. These not only would not affect the original quality ceramics but also further improve the value of the ceramics. Now with the rapid development of laser technology, laser applications in ceramics now are more and deeper. The co2 metal laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine provide more possibility to the laser processing of ceramics, let modern ceramics become more exquisite.

Laser Marking: Leading the new trend of clothing

In the modern times, people have more and more demand for clothing and garments, Along with people’s life quality enhancement, the individual requirements are becoming also higher and higher. The traditional processing method could not meet the increasingly individual demands of the garment industry, the uses of laser marking, laser cutting is becoming a kind of new processing for clothing and garments.

Laser marking as a new method of processing has been widely used in leather and textile clothing industry. Many of the clothes we wear exquisite pattern within our daily life are marked and processed by a laser system. Without the laser marking, there would be no such rich variety of clothes.

Laser marking is playing a high role in the clothing embroidery, denim fabric flowers laser spraying industries, etc.

Laser Marking: “Approaching” the beer industry

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages and the third most consumed beverages in the world after water and tea. In the beer industry, due to the processing speed is quick, the bottle will swing in the manufacturing process, and processing environment is some humid, it has a higher requirement on the processing whatever it is traditional means of marking or laser marking. Now, with the development of laser technology and automation, the application of laser marking in the wine industry is becoming widely, laser marking is gradually replacing the traditional processing way.

Laser Marking: Eliminate the food “date game”

Food safety has been a hot topic in recent years. Nowadays, people no longer focus on the packaging, taste, price, but pay more attention to food safety. People believe that the shelf life of can be faked by removing the old warranty date and printing a new warranty date. The laser marking machine, as an advanced laser processing equipment, is now widely used in the food packaging industry and will help to put an end to the “date game” of food packaging.

One industry insider said: “whether it’s screen printing or inkjet printing, as long as you use ink, you can alter it.The printed time information can be adjusted any time in three years.” For the change of food warranty issues, from big enterprises to small vendors, they all know. Only consumers don’t know about the “hidden rules”, this seriously harms consumers’ rights.

If use laser marking, the production date and other information marked or engraved on the packaging cannot be changed or altered. Laser marking is permanent printing on the object.


Laser marking could mark and print a large amount of data within a very small area, laser marking makes higher accuracy printing than traditional screen printing and inkjet printing; laser marking is clearer and more perfect, it consumes no printing materials, causes no corrosion and away from chemical pollution, laser marking is more environmentally protective.

With the development of laser technology, laser marking will be more and more widely used in every daily and industry fields.

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