Laser improves the quality and efficiency of Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries

Rising raw material prices, tight power supply, and shrinking consumer markets have affected the industrial chain environment of the automotive industry. The rising prices of new energy vehicles using power batteries as raw materials directly challenge consumers’ acceptance of electric vehicles. New energy car companies hope to rely on favorable policies to seek market traction, but the prospects are still unclear, and the knockout competition of new energy car companies is gradually kicking off.

laser welding battery pack

As the core component of the battery electric vehicle, the safety and service life of the power battery directly affect the performance of the whole vehicle. The production process of power lithium batteries is complex, and traditional processing methods have problems such as low efficiency, instability, and leakage of electrolyte after welding. In order to ensure the production efficiency and product quality of lithium batteries, at present, laser processing is basically used for vehicle power batteries. Such as welding tabs, soft connections, top covers, seal nail, explosion-proof valves and module bus bars, etc.; cutting pole pieces, tabs and diaphragms; cleaning pole pieces, laser stripping conductive bars, laser coding, etc.

Laser processing is an advanced processing method with the laser beam as an energy source, no contact, no pollution and low consumables. The heat-affected zone of the workpiece is small, the product has no deformation, the processing quality and precision are high, and it is easy to realize automatic production. Which can achieve a good appearance and superior performance in power battery cutting, welding, module packaging and other links. Mactron Laser has a complete range of laser products and has different advantages. We can also provide customized laser processing solutions according to customers’ process technology and automation needs.


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