How to restore the parameters after replacing the control board

With the wide application of laser equipment and the increasing maturity of laser cutting technology. The control board is one of the components of the cutting machine, which has a non-negligible impact on the daily operation. 


In order to ensure the normal operation, we need to read and save the existing parameters before replacing the control board; after replacing the control board, we need to restore historical data to effectively avoid the problem.


We need to save and read the vendor parameters, user processing parameters, auxiliary parameters and other parameters from the used control board in turn. When reading the vendor parameters, you need to enter the vendor password. This time we take the RuiDa control board as an example for demonstration. Please watch!



The technical knowledge of cutting machine is profound, we need to understand and learn step by step.If you are still in doubt during the use of the machine, you can leave a message or call +86-769-26384404, we will be happy to help you! 


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