How to laser mark nameplate on metal by Mopa fiber laser?

Nameplate is a common item that many places need to use. Like the direction board, seat card, product parameter nameplate, etc. How to make these nameplates? Screen Printing, CNC process, or laser marking & engraving.

A Screen printing process needs a screen mesh, and screen printing inks, and mainly is used for plastic case printing. CNC process needs a CNS machine and mainly used for metal engraving. Laser marking & engraving machine need a laser marking machine, and it could apply to various kinds of materials plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, glass etc. Compare those three methods. Laser marking seems has wider application and more environmentally protective.

Now Let see how to laser mark a metal nameplate with a company information by a Mope fiber laser marking machine. Mope fiber laser is a high-end fiber laser source.

First, we need to make a small test to check and adjust the Mopa fiber laser marking machine’s parameter to mark & engrave on the metal material we use.

Test and adjust parameter for laser printing on metal chosen

There is one thing need to be noticed that there are various different kinds metal, for example, stainless steel material, aluminum material, etc. And their parameter setting is different. This blank nameplate is aluminum material.

Test well the laser marking effect on metal

Second, After the testing and parameters are set well. We will put the blank nameplate in working area and start laser marking the content on the blank nameplate metal.

Start laser marking the nameplate

Start to laser marking nameplate on metal

Laser marking content on metal nameplate

Third, After a few minutes’ laser marking & printing, the full content will be all marked onto the metal nameplate, and the laser marking is nearly finished.

Laser marking nameplate nearly finished

Laser marking nameplate nearly finished2

Laser marking image in computer

Fourth, the full content are all laser marked and printed onto the nameplate, let’s see the finished nameplate as below.

Finshed laser marking metal nameplate

At last, Let take a look at the laser marking machine that makes this nameplate. The Mopa laser marking machine system.

Mopa laser marking machine system

And we record a video for this laser marking process, if you are interested, you may also watch the video as below.


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