Hand-held laser welding machine for welding of windows and doors

With industrial development and the implementation of energy-saving policies, the production scale of environmental protection windows and doors such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel has gradually expanded. The problems of rising material and labor costs, low processing efficiency and uncontrollable quality are particularly prominent in the production and installation of windows and doors.

handheld laser welding window

Nowadays, it is very common for laser welding aluminum alloy windows and doors. Compared with the traditional welding processes, laser welding machines have the characteristics of various functions, uniform light energy, and beautiful welding seam. During the welding process, wire feeding welding can be used to reduce welding problems such as pores, cracks, and depressions, effectively enhance the absorption rate, and avoid damage to the substrate. The laser welding machine is very popular windows and doors market, it is not only easy to operate, but also finely processed, which greatly improves the sealing, wind resistance and pressure resistance of windows and doors.

In generally, customers will choose and buy windows and doors products that have both aesthetics and quality. And the windows and doors processed by the hand-held laser welding machine can achieve this effect, which is more in line with the customer’s choice.

mactron handheld laser welding machine

1. Beautiful appearance
The aluminum material is processed by hand-held laser welding machine, and the surface is flat and free of concave and convex. Through further grinding and spraying, can achieve the seamless connection effect. At the same time, in the process of laser welding, qualified shielding gas will be used to keep the welding seam and the base material consistent.

2. Long service life
Laser welding windows and doors, the weld metal and the base metal are perfectly integrated, the weld is very firm, smooth, and has good sealing performance, which can effectively solve the problem of water seepage caused by the traditional glue injection process and long-term use, achieve comprehensive protection and increase the service life of windows and doors.

3. Processing safety
Mactron hand-held laser welding machine is equipped with a safety control system, the output power is stable, and there is no slag splashing during the welding process. In addition, wearing safety helmets and protective glasses can more effectively ensure the safety of operators.
During the processing of the hand-held laser welding machine, it is usually necessary to weld the corners of the windows and doors. Next, watch the video of the hand-held laser welding machine processing windows and doors.


Laser-welded aluminum windows and doors have fine processing, beautiful and consistent welding spots, strong sealing and durability. The use of hand-held laser welding machine can effectively improve the overall performance of windows and doors products, and also make manufacturers stand out from many peers. It is the best choice for enterprises to improve production efficiency and quality.


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